Rebecca Minkoff and Nordstrom

  1. I was combing through the previous posts on RM bags, and read that a few people have seen them at Nordstrom. Unfortunately, my local Nordies does not carry RM (they said that they've never heard of the brand). Can someone please tell me, in your travels, which Nordies have RM handbags?

    Thank you!
  2. I've seen Gustto, Kooba, Anna Corinna, and Botkier at Nordstom, but no Rebecca Minkoff yet. :s
  3. I deal extensively with Nordstrom's handbag department in VA and MD and the sales staff in any of their handbag departments should be able to get you ANY brand that Nordstrom carrys in the entire country regardless whether their particualr store carrys it or not. The sales staff at both VA and MD stores have consistently gotten me handbag brands that Nordstrom sells but that they don't carry in their particular stores. Customer Service may also be able to help you. Usually just the brand is enough but it would also be helpful if you could give them the 'name' of the bag and a manufacturer # if you can get one but it shouldn't be necessary, I never had to give them one in order for them to find it. Good luck!
  4. Am not sure if you want to buy just from Nordstrom's, but have you checked out RM's website or JcMadison's site? Numerous bags available on both. I have just recently learned of her bags and LOVE them.
  5. That's good to know :tup:
  6. i recall seeing them at the nordies at park meadows mall in colorado
  7. Thanks for the feedback so far...

    I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I have a gift card to Nordies. I know that many online retailers carry them (and many have discount codes), but I've had this GC for so long now...

    Thanks again!
  8. I'm bumping this thread because I found it in a google search (the PF search is down). Does anyone know if any Nordstrom stores currently carry RM bags?
  9. According to RM Maven, Nordstroms did not pick up the Fall 2008 line at all. My impression from talking to the Nordies handbag manager, they will not carry the line in the forseeable future.

    Question: Will Nordstrom be receiving Rebecca's new fall handbag line?
    Answer: Nope.
  10. Thanks for the info.!
  11. Someone reported in the Stores that Carry RM thread that the Columbus, Ohio store will carry Spring 2009.
  12. I was at Nordstrom's last week in the Michigan area and no RM's in sight.
  13. I was also at Nordys a few weeks ago and they said they wouldn't be carrying it... they said they had too many new designers to carry it. I think it all depends on the buyers for the store. I know each store/region has its own buyers. :smile:
  14. I thought the Nordy's in Short Hills (NJ) had them at one time.:shrugs:
  15. ^^^A lot of the Nordstrom's did carry RM through holiday 2007. But did not carry resort or spring 08 lines.