Rebecca Minkoff 50% off... Is this true?

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  1. I was looking at buying a Mini Mac. While searching, I ran across something saying that the official Rebecca Minkoff site occasionally does 50% off everything. Is this true? I would be able to buy the black Mini Mac for $131 on a website right now with promo codes and a gift card that I have. Would that be a smart decision to get it for $131 or should I wait to find it for a much better price?
  2. I've never really seen a Mini MAC go below $137 on But I do know that if you sign up for the newsletter, the 15% code works on sale items too. I may be wrong though cuz I never did check out all the way but it's worth a shot if they do have the color you want.

  3. I can't answer the question about 50%, but I can answer that the sale bags are usually the non-core colors - not black. If you have a great deal on black in-hand now, it is usually smart to grab a deal you like rather than wait for cheapest-ever. The sale bags will be the seasonal/temporary colors. I have never seen a site-wide markdown of %-off everything.

    Case in point (most recent of many examples): I just bought a Zach backpack (relatively new style - I think) on sale page: 30% off plus another 15% for email sign-up. Sale colors were denim blue and a light camel color. Black was not marked down.

    There is unlikely to be a MUCh better price. A slightly better price, perhaps - but not much better. And waiting means no min-mac on your arm in the meantime!

  4. 15% code does work on sale items. I did this a couple of weeks ago. Black bags seldom hit the sale page, though, on
  5. to me, the answer is "yes". does offer double discounts. for example, a mini MAC, the original price is 195$, when it's on sale it's down to 137$ and with the holiday sale they offer 30% off for order over 600$, then the price would be down to 95.9$. it's even lower than half of the original price.

    like Rocket_girl said, classic colors like black and some styles are rarely on sale.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies! I ended up getting it for $131 with tax. It was $195 with 20% off, then I had a $25 gift card, and then got free shipping. I can't wait to get it in the mail! It's my first ever designer item that I've bought! :biggrin:
  7. Congrats! ^_^

    Keep an eye on Zappos, too - I got a mini mac in soft gray there last year for $117.
  8. I've heard of Zappos but never shopped on there. I've browsed a few times, but prices didn't seem much lower. I'll keep an eye out, though! Thanks! :smile:
  9. Zappos is a fabulous full-service site. They do have sales, but their real draw is service: personal (and wonderful) phone service, quick shipping, and up to a year to return. They do not match sale prices or deals from other sites, because of the service offset - but they are really fantastic, and when they put items on sale, they are good prices.

    Congrats on your mini-mac - will look for reveal pics when you get it!
  10. Wow! Up to a year to return!? I will definitely start checking that site often! Thanks for sharing :smile: And I will post reveal pics when I get it! :smile:
  11. for those of you in the UK - Brand Alley is great for discounts, I just bought a couple of the MAC size for just £69 in the Cocosa closing down sale - epic - but unfortunately they're done and dusted now, I've also purchased from a site called Black Book Of Style which is run but one woman who is super helpful and sends handwritten notes with every purchase.. how cute is that?
  12. I just recently got a mini affair and a mini mac from Brandalley...sooo pleased with them!
    Will be buying from The Little black book of style at some point too :graucho:
  13. she even has the pouches right now on BBS... SOOO tempted, wanted the Supescute one forever!
  14. You ladies should pop in your local TJMaxx for RM bags, where I live they're always in there and at least $100 to $150 less. :yahoo:
  15. Has anyone noticed the quality of RM's going down? I purchased this bag and am returning it. The pockets aren't leather lined, the clasp is defective and the silver zipper doesn't match the silver hard wear. This would be my 6th RM bag and I've never had this happen before. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395072121.450308.jpg