Rebecca Minkoff 20% off sale

  1. I just received this email from and thought you might all be interested. I'm sure the sale is for more than just the mini nikki that she knows I'm interested in so here's what was sent to me and good luck all:

    I just wanted to let you in on a sale that we are having. I know in the past you were interested in the Mini Nikki, and we have it on sale this week for 20% off! It is available in black, navy, white, and seafoam. Let me know what you think, and if you have questions on any other styles and colors.


    Jacquelyn Long
    Online Sales & Customer Service
    340 E. 18th St. Suite B
    New York, NY 10003
    Office: 212-677-7829

  2. Here's the link to her website but you may have to contact Jacqueline to get the 20% off, not sure how it works if it's listed or not: