Rebecca De Mornay Charged with DUI

  1. [​IMG]Actress Rebecca DeMornay has been arrested for DUI in Beverly Hills, police confirm.

    The Risky Business star was stopped Oct. 30 for a traffic violation, police say. According to a statement, "Officers immediately detected the odor of alcohol."

    The actress subsequently failed a field sobriety test, and she later blew a .09 on a Breathalyzer (.08 is the legal limit).

    "She was very cooperative during the arrest," said Beverly Hills police spokesman Tony Lee.

    DeMornay, 48, was booked around midnight and posted $5,000 bail. Her court date is pending.
  2. she must have put on her makeup under the influence too:rolleyes:
  3. another one....
    From talent booking to jail booking - ugh!
  4. It seems to me nowadays that you're not a "real celebrity" untill you've gotten a DUI under the belt......
  5. Are there any celebrities left who have NOT been arrested for something?
  6. Sad to see folks at such ages getting DUI's, I mean it is one thing in your 20's, not saying it is O.k, but maybe part of growing up, but pushing 50 that is unacceptable.
  7. I really liked her. But now my opinion has changed. I have no respect or tolerance for anybody who drives under the influence.
  8. :nogood:
  9. Can't she throw some money down for a cab? Totally unacceptable.
  10. tsk tsk
  11. Another celebrity arrested with DUI?! Come one, you make enough money to hire a driver if you're drunk.
  12. she is just joining the celebrity club of DUIers
  13. Really too bad.
  14. i wonder too.
  15. Seems to be the "trend" in tinseltown....sad.