Rebeca Minkoff

  1. I just bought the Rebeca Minkoff "Morning After" bag and i totally love it:yahoo:, anyone has one what do think?
  2. i saw one in emerald green yesterday at bloomie's...gorgeous, just gorgeous! enjoy your new bag!
  3. I just bought my first two RM bags this month. The first is the morning after mini and I love it. It is the perfect size, the perfect shape, has plenty of pockets to keep me organized and the leather is so soft. I actually think I might eventually want another one and I'm not one to buy multiple bags in the same style just different colors.
    The other one I bought is the morning after hobo but I haven't used it yet so I can't report on it.
    My morning after mini is the white with brown basketweave trim. It has the black with white fleur de lis pattern lining. What color is yours? Is it the mini or the regular?
  4. I saw one at Nordies last week and need to go back and take a closer look.
  5. I LOVE her bags. I just started collecting them, but think the leather is fabulous. I have the large nikki hobo in navy, the big morning after in black, the grace in black, and the morning after mini in nude (love this color).
  6. Don't have one yet, but they look amazing!
  7. I'm a recent RM fan - I just got the Nikki in Royal and Grace in Tomato, the leather is amazing, soft to the touch yet still retaining structure. The colors are darker than what you see on stock photos, but I like them better that way.
  8. I have had a MA bag since last summer....before even knowing who she was...I bought the bag because I immediately fell in love with it. I have quickly learned to love many other bags, yet I continue to use my RM more often. I have the chestnut brown MA with (my favorite) red gingham on the inside. Since purchasing her, I have bought a Kooba, an ANya H, and an Abaco bag.
    I love them all, but I think the RM is my favorite all around bag.
    You cannot go wrong. The leather has gotten softer and a bit darker, and yes, it definitely retains its shape beautifully.
  9. i have a morning after (regular size) in navy! i am obsessed with this's the perfect shape and size for everything i need, but still has a lot of room to spare. i really am wanting a grey matinee...but i just can't afford it right now! oh well, maybe christmas!
  10. I have it in black and berry and love it! I am going to post pictures of the berry sometime soon...
  11. Are MA bags really hard and structured/boxy or how is the leather?
  12. Besides the hobos, can you wear any of her bags over the shoulder? Just curious! :p
  13. Ooooh! I, too, am curious.

    I love the style and can't wait to see more pics!

  14. i wear my morning after over my shoulder the majority of the fits nicely there. :smile:
  15. I have a regular MA in chocolate and I love it. The leather only gets better with age. I use it for school and fill it up, and it still looks great. The leather is very soft, so the bag collapses when you set it down and it is not full. Even so, the leather is tough and stands up to rain. You definitely don't have to baby this bag! I condition mine once a week, and it looks even better now than it did new. Lots of people have told me they love it or how wonderful the leather is. I frequently wear mine over the shoulder. It will even fit with a heavy coat, but it is a little tight. I hope you enjoy yours!