Reassure me re: Epi Speedy purchase

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  1. Hello all-
    My epi speedy in mandarin just arrived in the mail. I bought it on ebay, and I got y'all to help me out first. I'm a bit concerned, though. It's a 25, but the stitching isn't quite the same as on my mono 25 or as on the epi 25 bags listed on ebay. Where the handles are attached, my bag has a extra stitch on each of the sides...6 across the top, 5 on right and left, and 7 down each of the right and left bottom sides on the tabs. Is this correct? Nothing else makes me think the bag might be fake. Other than that it looks great.
  2. My 30 is exactly the same. I don't know if the 25 and 30 would be different, but probably not. HTH
  3. Oh thank you, Raspberry! You've saved me from a nervous breakdown several times in the process of getting this bag. You're wonderful!
  4. Anything for a fellow mandarin Speedier! ;)
  5. Any pics?! I love the epi line in red but I've seen the mandarin in person and it made my heart beat faster.
  6. Posting pics of my collection is on my to-do list for spring break!
  7. You could always send pictures to Carol at Mypoupette and she'll authenticate it for $5 if you want to be sure its real.

    I did that with a keepall I bought on eBay, I was 99% sure it was real but just wanted that piece of mind.