Reassure Me On My Red Epi Speedy 25 Purchase

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  1. Hi everyone!! Alot of you know by now that I just ordered the red/silver Epi Speedy 25 thru Eluxury on June 1st. I have been reading alot of the threads about the difference between the gold and silver hardware and I have some worries that when mine arrives I will look silly. So I just need some words that I made the right decision on my red/silver red speedy. Thanks so much.
  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! The bag is GORGEOUS!:love: You will know if it's love at first site or not as soon as you open that box!
  3. I think that the bag is going to look HOT with the silver hardware!! You made the right choice!!! Post pics when she arrives!!!
  4. Ahhh...Thanks so much!! I guess I just needed to hear it from you guys. I know red goes well with gold, but will the silver look HOT too?
  5. You definitely made the right choice. Palladium hardware is hot! I actually prefer it to the gold, as it's very elegant and versatile. And it will look so stunning against the red. LV lovers that see you on the street will know that your speedy is new AND authentic! It's about time LV started to introduce palladium hardware into the various lines!
  6. You guys are making me feel better now. I just worry cuz I know red/gold look great together and wanted to know if red/silver can look good too.
  7. Silver is stunning with red!
  8. I love the red and silver combo!!!
  9. i prefer gold hardware, but the red epi speedy is gorgeous and you can't go wrong. don't worry, it'll be HOT!
  10. You really made a good choice. Welcome to the epi speedy club! You'll have less to worry about with the silver hardware, IMO.
  11. Thanks again everyone!! I just worry to darn much.
  12. I liked the look of the red/silver as soon as they introduced it with the segur range (which is stunning)....I think it looks fresh & stylish. Great choice:yes:
  13. hey missypoo - no need to worry! i totally reckon that the silver hardware is going to look HOT for sure! **hugs**
  14. Don't worry - its just gorgeous! And you know that's what I have and its just beautiful!
  15. Missypoo, it's a gorgeous bag! I saw it the other day at LV in Saks, and it's stunning. The silver hardware will look beautiful with the red, and you'll get lots of use from it! Make sure you post tons of pictures so we can drool :smile: