Reasons why Balenciaga bags are worth the money?

  1. Or should I rename this thread...ways I can justify a Balenciaga bag to my SO??? :girlsigh:
    I want the greige city...BADLY!! :crybaby:
  2. welp, i think they're timeless & classic & cool & hold their value too :girlsigh:
  3. because you really really really like it!
  4. It's an investment.....
    You can always sell it if you need to; therefore, using it is really free. (?) Ok, I know that's a stretch, but work with me here......

    If you have your bag, you will be ecstatic and happy and a happy SO is so worth it..........
  5. ^^^is it really an investment??? if u sell it, it's for less money. so u do lose some money, it's not really free...
  6. Because if you amortorize the cost over, let's say, 3 years, and you carry it, let's say...3 times per week for an average of 6 hours, uh, OK someone else do the math...
  7. The main reason I have felt okay about buying these is because they are still holding their value more so than any other handbags I have looked at. All you have to do is peruse eBay for a few weeks, and you will realize that even used Balenciagas seldom go for much below retail, unless a seller who doesn't research the resale value sets a lower "Buy it Now" price (this rarely occurs with a non-fake bag). And, of course, if the color is highly desirable, they are going for OVER retail ... sometimes WELL over retail.
  8. vuittonGirl, you wouldn't always necessarily sell it for less $$$ would depend on a whole lotta factors's totally possible that you could sell it back for exactly what you paid for it (assuming it's in brand new condition & it's a '05 or '06 bag)...the biggest loss you would probably take on buying a new b-bag, if you had to turn it around, would be about $200 ;)...honestly, there aren't many other bags out there that hold their value as well as b-bags :yes:
  9. I have to be honest. I am not sure that the newer bbags will prove to be an investment like the old bbags have proven to be. With the mixed response to last season's bags and these, I think a classic LV or Chanel is a better 'investment" if one is considering resale value down the line. That being said, I think you should still get one. I don't think of mine in terms of resale value though it is nice to know that I can resell them and recoup some of what I paid.
  10. Have your SO feel the goat leather and he'll understand why it's worth 100% of every penny.

  11. :roflmfao: using it for free...gotta use that line :lol: :cutesy:
  12. i wouldnt say you will ALWAYS get your $$ back on a balenciaga... but what I usually think about things I use is- if I charge myself a dollar for the item everytime I wear it, and if that eventually comes out even with how much it costs... then the bag/shoes/t-shirt was a good buy!

    but really... you can justify it because you love it and work hard. and damnit every woman deserves to have something beautiful and delicious every once in awhile.
  13. They weigh nothing and look great with flip flops.
  14. :supacool: Hey ~ I thought it might be worth trying...... I didn't mean it literally......JEESH. I just meant it's not like buying other accessories that do not hold their value. LV and Balenciaga seem to hold their value very well.
  15. For me b-bags are such a lux item - such beautiful and soft leather, so distinctive but not overdone. For me i'd rather invest in beautiful leather bag than LV which seems like printed plastic or gucci which is fabric (I know they both have leather lines too - but everyone goes for the monogrammed surfaces).