Reasons why a former interpreter at a Korean plastic surgery hospital don't do plastic surgery


Apr 28, 2020
This video was made in April 2019, but I'm just now seeing it. I translated what she said in English, which is located below the video. I felt like this would be good for the newbies on PF and who have little knowledge of plastic surgery, the risks, etc. I'm not trying to scare anyone, I just thought that this was informative and that she made some good points.

Disclaimer: I am not Korean nor do I speak Korean. I translated what she said with the subtitles on YouTube. If there are mistakes then I am sorry.

Hi darling,

From time to time, I bump into people who say, “Why don’t you get your eyes done? You would look so better!”. Since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve got not only compliments about me appearance but also lots of hate comments saying that I’m ugly which, of course, I deleted. If you’ve subscribed me since the beginning, you would probably know that I’ve worked as a medical interpreter at a big plastic surgery hospital in Gangnam, Seoul for like 4 months. Frankly, that was the best time I could get my face done with staff discount, but I didn’t. I just couldn’t do it after seeing all the things happening in that industry. And today I want to talk about it. I’ll take a few cases that I’ve seen at the hospital.

The first is about “shadow doctors”. A Vietnamese lady came to the hospital. She had done more than 3 times of rhinoplasty, which means implants had been repeatedly inserted and removed. As a result, her nose bridge was just collapsed, just disappeared. She rather needed a reconstruction than cosmetics surgery. The consultation and I, who interpreted the consultation, was really wishing the best for her and this would be her last surgery. She was desperate too. So, she chose the head doctor who is most expensive among all the specialists in that hospital. He is a fully-experience and well-known doctor, which is why it costs so much to get his touch. Still, she paid him and went into the operation room. I waited for her to explain about post-op care. After getting my job done, I was going down to the office. I bumped into the head doctor at the elevator and told him that she’s in good condition and she seems happy. But his face was like … :: she made a confused facial expression:: . He was staring at me like he had no idea who I’m talking about, who he just operated on. It was a little weird. A few seconds later, he replied, “Oh yeah? That’s great”. It turns out after she went under general anesthesia, a shadow doctor came in and performed the surgery, who was less well-known and had more free schedule. It’s disgusting. You might wonder why there are such things as shadow doctors. Patients usually want a famous doctor who has full experience, even of she/he cost them a bit much. Because it’s their face that they’ll carry for the rest of their lives. The thing is, the head doctor is old and gets tired very easily and doesn’t feel like performing a surgery every day. But he can’t dismiss patients because that means no money. So, he takes the money first and puts them into the operation room. When they fall asleep after general anesthesia, a less well-known, less-experienced doctor comes in, who needs more practice. What if the surgery goes wrong? Then the head doctor will perform a revision. But I never trust him. Of course, I’m not saying that every plastic surgery clinic has this disgusting custom. Some of them would be honest. I’m simply telling you what I’ve seen in that hospital.

The second is about eye surgery. An Aussie girl came to the hospital. She was at the same age with me and was like a friend. She got her eyes and nose done. After 1-week post op, she visited again to see everything is fine. She said that some wrinkles took place at the inner corner of her eyes and asked why. The eye doctor answered that it’s just because of swelling and they will disappear later on. So, I interpreted just like that. After the patient left the room, I saw him look into the post-op pictures like this … ::she made a worried facial expression:: . And I knew it’s a bad sign. I was waiting for him to say a word. Finally, he said, “She will lose her double lids”. I hated him for making me a liar too. Usually, you go under sedation and partial anesthesia to get your eyes done so that you won’t move or feel any pain during the surgery. Once, I heard him saying, “Oh god I drank too much last night” while cutting a patient’s eyes lids. Of course, doctors are human being too and they have every right to enjoy some drinks after work. But I don’t think I can trust a doctor who cut and sew my lids with a hangover. But they never tell you that they went wild last night.

The last is about a face-contouring specialist. I think many people are unaware of the fact that they can’t avoid skin sagging after face contouring surgery. The jaw and cheekbones support all face muscles and fat. You can guess what’s going to happen after cutting them off – sagging skin. Even if it’s not happening to you right now, it would eventually happen someday, faster than others. One of the consultants had her jaw done. She suffers skin sagging so much, she heavily relies on thread lifting. The vicious cycle just keeps going on.

The face-contouring specialist recently joined the hospital. He said that he specialized not only in face contouring but also breast augmentation. And he wanted to perform breast augmentation in this hospital too. But he had no examples to show potential clients. Guess how he attracted them? He asked female staff members to volunteer as a model. He promised out anonymity, but it was a bit pushy and uncomfortable. Despite all the efforts, he couldn’t find a volunteer. So, he opened a new promotion that offers 30 to 50 percent discount for boob job. Many foreign patients showed interest in the promotion and asked why he gives the generous discount. The hospital wanted staff members to say that he just joined us, and for the sake of celebration, he has generous discount. One day, a patient came in, who had got her boobs done by the doctor when he was working at the previous job. She came for a revision surgery because she got inflammation in the breasts. When the surgery was done, I went up to see if she’s ok and tell her post-op care. I still can’t forget how deeply she was in great pain and the heavy bleeding. Even staff members were shocked and talked that he was the last person they would trust.

The thing is you don’t know whether a doctor is trustworthy unless you work in the hospital. Many people go for a cosmetic surgery, blinded by unreasonable generous discount. The media tend to portray cosmetic surgeries in a good light. They only show people who look dramatically better after the surgery. It makes you feel like cosmetic surgeries are simple and easy to get and you too could look better so easily. But in reality, it’s not. If my family or friends tried to get the surgery. I would do everything to stop them. Even botox or fillers, which seem like a simple procedure, are practically an injection. So, there’s no assurance that rejection would not happen to you. I’m not saying that every cosmetic surgery clinic or surgeon is evil. But it’s your face and body that you’ll care for the rest of your lives. I hope you to be more conscious and careful when choosing the right place, seriously.

I know you want to ask, “So where the hell did you work?”. Trust me, I really want to drop the hospital name right now. But I can’t. If I do, I’ll be taken to court. So please, don’t send me a DM asking about it. But if we ever bump into each other on the street, you can ask me. I’ll gladly let you know. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time. Bye!
Hi, thank your so much for taking the time to post the video with an English translation. It was very eye opening reading the script. I felt very uneasy reading it and started to have second thoughts are traveling to Korea for a revision rhinoplasty. However, what made me felt really uneasy is that the young lady in the video did not disclose which clinic she is talking about. I understand for legal reasons she is unable to and I don’t want her to say anything that can bring legal harm, but she made some very strong bold statements and left us all wondering which clinic she is talking about. That leaves us all in a really dangerous spot to assume she is talking about *this clinic or *that clinic. So can anyone here tell me with 100% certainty which clinic she is talking about?

Thank you


Aug 17, 2020
I’ve been trying to warm you guys about skin sagging and the danger of cheekbone and jaw reduction- yet, people don’t listen and continue to go for this procedure. This surgery bought my nothing but pain and depression and insults on a daily basis. It’s true, your muscle and skin will just fall rather then sculpted up. It’s a complete nightmare. I’m young but I’ll need a full facelift.
did you get double jaw surgery? or jaw shaving? i need double jaw surgery because my TMJ is too bad and it's affecting my teeth, but now I'm more afraid
Apr 13, 2021
As a local Korean, we normally only go to clinics recommended by our friends/family members. The 2 plastic surgery apps? Most people know that it is full of brokers and won't even download them tbh. They are known to use pictures from other places to promote their clinics.
The Naver cafes are also full of brokers (like 70% of the comments are from brokers now - usually you can tell though because they will spam the same clinic name like 2-3 times in a row in the comments from different accounts). You can pay a firm $1000/month to basically spam blog posts and comments from different accounts and make it look "organic." $1000 for a plastic surgery clinic is nothing.. it is like pocket change.
So who can you trust? You can literally only trust your circle of friends or friends of friends to give recommendations.
I made a post on here (purseforum) giving my experience when looking up places and I ended up going to a place my uncle (a plastic surgeon here in Seoul) recommended even though I went to 3 different consultations.
Yea, Koreans will look up clinics online and stuff, but we end up going to ones recommended by our peers (this is also how parents find the best hagwons for their kids.. the best places aren't advertised) and often the best ones have like almost no advertising presence online because they don't need to.
Hello, would love some insight on were your circle of friends or friends of friends have given yo. I have been doing so much research and my head is literally going to explode. I feel like im going in circles