Reasons to buy a bottega veneta

  1. Having dipped my toe into the world of bottega veneta and bought a key pouch, I am seriously considering buying my first bv handbag - probably a medium veneta. Please would you let me know how and when you use your bags? Are they everyday work bags? Special occasion use or weekends only? Thanks.
  2. I consider BV to be great everyday casual bags. I do have other dressier bags for luncheons and cocktail parties but the BV's are my go to. I have now sold all of my Louis Vuitton except for luggage after being so tired of seeing the brand over saturate the market. BV is so understated but well made and it just feels so nice especially after breaking in you just don't see it everyday. I also love, love all the fun color and texture choices! There is something addictive about the line.
  3. There are threads related to this topic so feel free to search for more input.

    I now use BV exclusively. I use them every single day, rain or shine. Some styles are dressier than others so some work better for work than others. I have a Knot for fancy events; that's my only BV that doesn't get much use. But there are BVettes here that use their Knots when they go to the movies as an quick clutch.

    As for a medium Veneta, most BVettes will tell you that large is the better size as it offers maximum flexibility in terms of look and use. The medium is fairly small. But if your frame is small and you don't carry a lot in your bags, then it would be fine. It's best to try one on. (When new, BVs area bit stiff and the Veneta will look kite like or sail like. The leather needs to soften and break in which takes 2-4 weeks.)
  4. BV is a very serviceable & stylish bag.

    It is really best to go to the BV store & try on several styles & sizes to see what
    compliments your size.

    I have several which I use during the day including the cabat & have the "knots"
    which I collect & use for dinners, lunch, & especially during the summer.

    BV is a timeless bag & a great investment.. There are many on sale now
    & hope you shall find one that will work in your lifestyle
  5. BV is a great investment in terms of long lasting and timeless style. Unfortunately the resale isn't good. JMO.
  6. Agree that the large Veneta is a better size and you get the full effect of the beautiful drape once it is broken in.
  7. I use my large Belly Veneta every day. It is a wonderful bag
    so light
    holds everything
    no problems no logos no ugly initials
  8. They are timeless, never go out of style.
    They are of exceptional quality.
    They grow even prettier when used.
    They are reasonably priced (ahem) compared to e.g. LV.
    They are still under the radar.
    Etc etc etc
  9. Thanks to everyone for your helpful advice. I did try on the large veneta in a shop but it seems to overwhelm my 5 ' 3" size - and really did stand out like a sail!! However, greatly appreciate the advice that the large veneta is more useful and will drape later. Hope to buy one in the near future...;):smile:
  10. You can't go wrong with BV. The quality, the craftsmanship, the understated elegance, and the yummiest leathers without pretentious designer initials. I'm with Grietje. I only carry BV these days. My collection is very versatile including some amazing vintage BVs pre-Tomas. And, I am so excited that I am finally adding a stretch knot to the family. Our 2013 SO knots deliver next week. You may also want to check out a belly. My large Nero belly is a work horse. My only regret is not picking up a violet or turquoise when these were in the boutiques.
  11. I use BV exclusively as well. I've collected a wide range of sizes and colors over the years, from clutches to crossbodies to on-the-shoulder purses to larger bags like the cabat and brick. There's a bag for every occasion, IMO. They stay in such good shape over the years and every style is timeless.
  12. Timeless :smile: and I love the fact it is very understated.
  13. Under the radar, timeless, comfortable, effortless....and just beautiful. It is the one brand I come back to when I want to carry an easy, comfy bag.

  14. Agree.. it doesn't "shout" look at me..

    So beautifully crafted & understated elegance... tres chic
  15. Reason to buy BV:
    • Simple Designs
    • Appearence is low key
    • Leather is luxurious