Reasons for NOT ACCEPTING a diamond!

  1. I'm writing this thread purely for educational/awareness purposes. Not to bash or be anti-diamonds. But I strongly believe that women should know the general origins of her $1,000 or $20,000 rock that her fiance/husband had given her. I used to love the appearance and glimmer of diamonds, and hoped to be engaged to someone who can pour money on me with a huge rock but NO MORE after I've read about the history of de beers and their means to mine diamonds in South Africa and other nations who mine diamonds as their primary source of revenue. Journalists and investigators alike have exposed the reality of diamonds but frankly, to reverse a false 63 yr old advertising campaign overnight is not going to happen quickly.
    Please let your female loved ones or men who are planning to be engaged about this unknown fact about diamonds!

    An economist reports- Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring
    The Atlantic Online - a reputable source of journalism
    Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?
    A private research website w/ thorough articles - Edward Jay Epstein site
    Prologue - The Diamond Invention

    Note: I'm not supporting nor am I part of any sort of anti diamonds, anti debeers group, my intentions are solely for awareness purposes - none for my personal or organizational gain.
  2. I have read about these things. too. I have always preferred colored stones anyway. (my engagement ring is a custom-made 4.82 carat oval-cut Iolite in 14k gold)
  3. Iolite is a gorgeous stone! :yes: I'm still in search of a stone I'd like for my engagement ring.
  4. We looked through 4 huge trays of stones that the jeweler had, and both of us were drawn to the same stone. I posted this in another thread, but here are a couple of pics of my ring. Iolite is nice, but it is softer than some, and I have to be careful not to chip the edges of the facets, so I don't always wear it. (only when I know I won't be doing anything rough w/my hands)
    yumring.jpg ringpic.jpg
  5. Canadian diamonds are sparkly _and_ kind!
  6. but what other stone could scratch a window!? LOL
  7. I'm more of a sapphire fan. I love pink sapphires and if I get an engagement ring, I would be perfectly content getting a pink sapphire stainless steel ring from TeNo. I think I like to lean toward the more modern jewelries because their lines are a bit cleaner and I can pull it off better.

    As for diamonds, I only like it if it's pink, but I cannot imagine wearing it (now if it's a diamond Hermes bag, that's a different story). Also, aside from the controversy behind diamonds, I prefer sapphire more also because I'm a bit of an astronomy geek. I read that while diamond is rare on Earth, it's abundant in space - I guess I don't want to share the same rock with the extraterrestrials. J/k.:P

    Either way, diamonds are gorgeous though, even though I STILL prefer sapphire more.
  8. thanks alot for the articles! :heart: always wanted to read more about these issues
    even though many stones are from these sources, I understand that there are also stones that come from countries that do not support such abuses.
  9. I have read those articles before but unfortunately I remain shallow and selfish and I would never not accept a diamond!
  10. Some jewellers specialise in seling ethical and Fair Trade diamonds
  11. I actually don't wear sapphires because of my family, something with the stone, and its "ill for us" :confused1: That and only eating meat like chicken are the only religious customs I follow lol. But I've always loved the look of it. Imagine my dismay as a child being told I cannot wear a saphire.:wtf:
  12. Wow this is good to know. My friend has told me but i didnt believe him :lol:
  13. Snowbunny...I love your ring!
  14. Kou, pink sapphires?? wow sounds soo lovely.


    Diamonds are NOT rare. They are carbon rocks that form under great temp and pressure over billions of years and become crystallized. Billions of years from now, that diamond will be Coal. It has infact, the same components as a piece of coal. I know this because I have a degree in petroleum engineering and have taken 2 years of university geology.
    De Beers controls the supply and monopolizes the distribution of diamonds because they are the only single company that has the capital and infrastructure to mine, produce, polish, cut, etc diamonds. There is no way to fingerprint a diamond and know that the diamond on your Rolex Lady datejust or Chanel J12 or Cartier necklace is NOT from a conflict diamond or blood diamond!!
    Diamonds are mined and sold in aggregates and go through dozens of middlemen in Africa from which sell to suppliers in Europe and Asia who then cut, polish and sell to jewelers.
    A Jared diamond or a Bvlgari diamond may have been from the same source!

    Please be aware :yes: and let know your loved ones.. Cheers.
  15. thanks for posting this absolutanne.