Reasons for bid retraction?

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  1. Here's a quick question for you all...

    I had a bag up for auction and there was one bid, with about 20 hours to go on said auction. I had been following my status closely, b/c I don't sell that often, and I was bored. :smile:

    When I went to sleep, the one bid was there. When I woke up, the bid was gone, and there was an email in my inbox that said the bid had been retracted. I also had an email in my regular email box (the addy linked to PP/da*Bay) that the bid had been retracted PLUS one from *this* buyer...saying that she wanted to retract the bid, b/c the hardware was not the color she wanted.

    I looked on da*Bay site to see what the official record was. It stated very clearly that she retracted her bid and the reason given was "ENTERED WRONG AMOUNT". I know that this listed reason is patently false, b/c she EMAILED me to say that she DIDN'T LIKE THE HARDWARE!

    The hardware type was listed VERY. CLEARLY. in the auction, b/c it's a pilot bag, with BRASS hardware, not the SILVER hardware in general release!

    The bag has since sold, and I'm happy with the price, so no worries there. What I'm wondering about is 1) what the hell is up w/ her blatently lying to me? 2) how does bid retraction work? 3) what are the ramifications, if any, for somebody doing that? What if the item hadn't sold?

    UGH! I'm frustrated...mostly b/c she lied to either me or da*Bay about her reasons for retracting the bid. I'm not going to go after her or pursue it at all...I'm just confused. What exactly IS the retraction policy. I looked on da*Bay help pages, but they didn't help AT ALL.

    What say you, *Bay forum?
  2. Ebay doesn't care that they retracted for an invalid reason. You can report it but nothing happens.
  3. When you retract a bid, ebay gives you a list to choose from. It usually doesn't match up with the real reason, so you have to choose the one that is closest to the reason you're retracting the bid. Bidders are allowed to retract within a certain time before the auction ends- I forget what it is, I think 12 hours prior.
  4. I was interested in learning about the retracting or canceling a bid on eBay. I read about the retracting or canceling a bid on the help pages. If an auction ends in more than 12 hours, then the buyer can retract their bid and eBay will remove all the buyer's bids for that item. If the auction ends in less than 12 hours, then the buyer has to retract their bid within one hour after placing the bid to remove their most recent bid. You can get the rest of your questions answered by reading the information provided in this link :smile:
  5. Ebay doesn't do anything about people retracting their bids. Their list of reasons is pretty lame. They should just add "changed mind" or "buyers remorse" to the list, because that is usually the reason. Better the person retract the bid than become a non-paying bidder later.
  6. I agree. Some people probably retract their bids for those reasons. EBay claims they investigate all bids retractions to make sure they are appropriate and conform to the rules for buyers. Abuse in bid retractions can cause a buyer's account to be suspended. A buyer's total of bid retractions for the past 12 months are listed in their feedback profile. :smile:
  7. I did this once, I placed a bid and then a few hours later when I was looking more at the pictures on my own monitor at home I noticed what appeared to be a scratch in one of them that I had not noticed before. I emailed the seller to question it and she did not respond. So I went through a bid retraction, there was no option for my reasoning so I chose 'bid wrong amount'. I wish I had noticed it before I bid but I did not and there's no way I was going to purchase that bag if it was there. Now I'm always much more diligent about saving the pics to my home computer, blowing them up and looking at them closely.

  8. It's true.

    I've retracted my bids before If I've asked questions of the seller and those important questions aren't answered I'll mark "unable to contact seller" because if they aren't willing to answer my questions, then I don't want to be doing business with them if the answers to those questions to me were important to know.
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    Interesting. I will take a look at one of my ex bidders now. Bid crazily on a couple of things for 2 days, then retracted, crashed the price and put entered wrong amount as the reason. I can understand entering a wrong amount once. But multiple times on two items (not auto bidding).
  10. Ebay is a nightmare for sellers these days it seems. I never even knew you could retract a bid!!! I always thought that once you pulled the pin on an item, you were committed. Guess not!
  11. I agree that *bay should put a reason as buyers remorse .

    Let's just cut to the chase about that...