Reasonably priced casual/cotton shirts?

  1. I seem to have an overflow of dressy or work-related clothing, but come casual day, I am always scrounging for cute casual tops for work.

    I have plenty of sweaters, but am looking for a bunch of reasonably priced (no more than $45) long-sleeved shirts for work and weekends - to pair with jeans, chinos, etc.

    I bought a few at Nordstrom, but if anyone could recommend other websites/stores that have a nice selection..that'd be great. I'm looking for V-neck, crewnecks, henleys, etc.
  2. starsandinfinitedarkness mertle and george.jpg starsandinfinitedarkness protoculture femme dangereuse.jpg starsandinifinitedarkness formoda vines long sleeve.jpg starsandinfinitedarkness formoda monkey in a tree long sleeve.jpg starsandinfinitedarkness maxwell hudson old skool.jpg
  3. I just bought some wrap shirts from the limited. They were originally $50 but I got them on sale for $29.
  4. artfulwears side brooch layered long sleeve tee.jpg artfulwears soft stretch ribbon tee.jpg
  5. Danielle DIY Cowl Button Top SML.jpg
  6. Macys INC long sleeved ribbed henley.jpg Macys INC ribbed boat neck top.jpg Macys INC Ruched Sleeve Tee.jpg Macys INC striped v neck tunic.jpg Macys INC cowl neck tunic with tank.jpg Macys Style&co beaded v neck top.jpg Macys Tommy Hilfiger stirped henley tee.jpg Macys Alfani Long sleeve cutaway shirt.jpg
  7. Wow...thanks all for the information..especially to passerby.......

    I will definitely look at all those links.....I did go to Macy's recently and bought a few from their INC that stuff.

    I'll let you all know what I choose...
  8. Another place to get reasonably-priced staples would be your local Gap!
  9. I love those shirts at JC´s.
  10. Banana Republic has some good cotton shirts if you're going for something more casual and inexpensive.
  11. I don't usually shop at Old Navy, but after buying one of these long sleeved t-shirts and loving the fit, I bought three more colors...I couldn't beat the price.:love: