Reasonable price for used Vernis Bedford

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I'm liking this bag lately and am curious to know what a good price is to pay for a used one.

    I have no idea what a good or bad deal is on these bags because I never really paid any attention to them before now

  2. Which color? It really makes a difference in price.
  3. Oh. maybe a pink or bronze one, pink not fuschia
  4. Do you mean Marshmallow? ...a good condition one will cost $700+. As for Bronze, it'll be about $500+. But if it's used used...dark vachetta and some colour transfer, you can get it for $350+:smile:
  5. The bronze is gorgeous! :love:
  6. Which pink? Framboise?
  7. The really light one^^
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