Reason Not to Go Grocery Shopping...

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  1. ... with a 40 Kelly on shoulder strap.

    Was at Trader Joe's, looking at wine, and they have cases of wine in the center of the aisle. You know, how they stack up a bunch of unopened cases, and then a display of bottles on the top.

    Sigh, my Kelly was slung over my shoulder but kind of behind me, not under my arm.

    You have probably guessed by now. Bag smacked into the loose bottles on the display. 4-5 bottles go teetering back and forth and several of us in the aisle are standing dumbfounded, and I am tryiing to be ready to catch the ones that are sure to go smashing to the floor.

    But teeter back, teeter forth, and all but one bottle stayed upright.

    I smashed one (red of course) to smithereens all over the floor :shocked:

    No one else but me got wet or hurt, and fortunately I was wearing dark jeans and my old white canvas tennies, which I throw in the wash anyway,

    I slunk out in complete embarrassment. It was like the whole store (employees) heard the tale :shame: because it was so amazing only one bottle broke.

    Good thing I don't go there often enough to be recognized:s

    Thank goodness the Kelly didn't get wet, though it is Ardennes and would probably have come out unscathed if wiped off immediately.

    So be careful out there, ladies and gents!

    That's what I get for loving big bags!

    (If this was supposed to go in the chat sticky, mods, please move it, thanks!)
  2. OOOOOPS :smile: I'm happy everything turned out to be okay :smile:
  3. :wtf::wtf:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh No! that is so what could happen to me, I can imagine the scene in my mind I am so glad it did not hit the Kelly and thank goodness for Ardennes.

    I did smile when I could visualize you sneaking out of the shop:smile:;)
  4. I can't count the number of "near misses" I've had with bags.

    But since I've been carrying my Lindy (in the crook of my arm) not only has it helped the shoulder/neck problems, I rarely bang into things anymore!

    So sorry about your accident, but sounds like it could've been a LOT worse! LOL!
  5. The only thing I hate more then bumping into things with a bag, is things bumping into my bag. I'm not so worried about knocking something over or breezing by someone, what I am worried about is what'll happen to my bag after an incident. Makes me want to wrap it up in bubble wrap.
  6. That must have been quite a scene :wtf: but so glad to hear kelly is just fine:P and you were fine too, of course;) I'm usually not very careful with my bags I'm going to be extra careful from now on, just in case........ hhahah~
  7. The aisles we have here in supermarkets are way smaller than what you are used to in the US. And definitely no big bags. If I have a Birkin / Kelly, it would be sitting inside the trolley. If I prefer to handhold a bag, it's my Picotin that comes along.

    Thank goodness only one bottle of wine broke.
  8. I was holding my breath until I read Kelly (and you!) were not hurt! :hugs:Whew!!!
  9. - typically I have my bag in the cart; but had left it a ways away from me, due to the narrowness of the aisle because of the da*n displays. thus grabbed the bag out of the cart. Never again!
  10. I am glad your Kelly wasn't hurt! Aisles are too darn small these days.

    PS--I Love Trader Joes! We don't have one here so when I go on trips near them I stock up on all their goodies!
  11. Tell me about those darn displays, and carton boxes lying all around! :cursing:
  12. OMG Chessmont, we have a large Trader Joes, but they do tend to stack a lot of wine!! I'm so glad you and your bag are ok!
  13. happy you both are unscathed! Red wine scary! Phew (huge sigh of relief)! (I swing into things with my 28 BBK :smile:
  14. i hate grocery store aisles, and TJ's is especially bad where i am. so glad there was a [ok you have to admit] HAPPY ending. no harm to Kelly or you!
  15. Boy, do I second (or is it third?) that, supermarket aisles would be manageale if they didn't stack all that stuff for us to trip over. Many of the displays are cardboard, and much more prone to tipping over.

    You have all my sympathy, chessmont. And if I had to avoid Trader Joe's, my poor family would starve!