Reason 459847 I love Hermes.

  1. I sent my cyclamen epsom Bearn trifold in to Madison to have a corner restitched in early November.

    I received it back this morning, Fedex. Not only is the stitching repaired, but it was also cleaned and the HW polished and they also gave me a NEW orange box that was tied with a ribbon. The wallet looks brand new. :love:

    Cost to me?


    (not including my cost to ship it there)
  2. Excellent!
  3. Heck they dont do that over here in the uk
    I just paid 100pds to have a pm jige polished

    mmmmmmmmmm wonder if its just me
    but am v pleased for you
  4. I fully expected to pay something, but H Madison called after they received it and said there would be no charge for the repair. I'd heard that HW could not be polished but I noticed it looks much shinier since it came back home. :love:
  5. In light of a Christmas Spirit...Good to know :tup:. I am glad for yor you^^)
  6. :tup::tup:
  7. :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. that is SO nice!! see, they do perform the occasional random act of kindness LOL. i sent one of my birkins in for cleaning recently and it came back speedy fast and no charge. can't beat that with a stick.
  9. THAT is actually pretty amazing. Nice work Hermes.
  10. Now THAT'S a Merry Christmas, Roo!!
  11. Good for you Roo!!!
  12. Nice :love:.
  13. That is awesome, Roo! H is definitely the best!
  14. Lucky! I've had my trifold bearn restitched and they charged me $75. This was about 1-1.5 years ago. However, sometime this year, I sent in my rouge vif kelly in gulliver for some cleaning and they didn't charge me anything!
  15. Roo, Great news. :smile: