reapply perfume?

  1. Are we supposed to reapply perfume? I put on two sprays of perfume on my neck at around 7:30 in the mornings, and then I can't seem to smell it anymore. I know that it's because our body adapts and we can't distinguish the smell anymore, but could it also be because of scent faded? Should one ever reapply perfume? And if so, how much later than when first applied? Thanks!
  2. I always put a little on in the morning after my shower. I usually do not re-apply during the day (unless I have another shower). But I don't see the harm in doing so. Maybe later in the evening?
  3. i put mine on in the morning, then usually re apply when i get home in the afternoon. i do keep a little vial in my purse, but only use it when a) i'm hanging out with smokers or b) forget to put it on in the morning.
  4. You called it "perfume"... are you really wearing the extract or are you wearing an EdT or an EdP?

    Only the pure parfum (extract) will last for more than a few hours. The EdT and the EdP have a higher alcohol content and will disappear a lot quicker. In that case, you should carry a sample vial or a purse spray and re-apply thoughout the day.

    By the way, if you are wearing the same scent everyday, it becomes harder to smell it on yourself, so you may want to alternate your fragrances.
  5. I always carry another bottle of cologne in my when I feel like the smell has faded I just spray it again ;)
    but yeah sometimes you can't really smell it yourself ^^
  6. Good question. I'd been wondering the same thing myself. I use D&G Light Blue eau de toilette first thing in the morning and it seems to wear off by mid-day.
  7. There has been a recommendation somewhere that you put it on your wrists instead of your neck. Because the perfume rises. So that way it will last a little longer.
  8. I spray fragrance on my wrists and behind my ears in the morning after I shower. If I go out again in the evening I spritz again.
  9. Spray it on your wrist, and on the nape of your neck (near your hair).... I do this, and my perfume lasts ALL DAY! :greengrin:
  10. I do reapply it, usually around mid-afternoon at work. I keep sample vials in my desk.
  11. It depends on the perfume and how strong it is. Eau de toilets I find have to be reapplied, which is why perfume oils are so much better ! :yes:
  12. spray in you hair. it is more absorbent and lasts much much longer!
  13. ^^ my aunt does that. i told her to spray it in her brush, then comb her hair. the smell would spread, as oppose to having the perfume on one part only.
  14. Yeah and you also said only 2 squirts! The higher you spray a fragrance the less likely it will last. It elevates and leaves you. Try spraying your ankles and behind your kneecaps also. Are you layering? This is quintessential in making a fragrance last. Do you own the body creams/shower gels to your fragrances?
  15. I usually wear stronger/oil based scents so I don't have to reapply. But I will if necessary later on in the day. Usually I don't have to though.