Realse date for the Monogram Tivoli!

  1. What is the exact release date for the monogram tivoli?
  2. no one really knows at this point. lookbook says in october, but some SAs and mangers are saying november.
  3. Im waiting patiently for the TIVOLI!
  4. I don't think anybody is 100% sure yet.

    This topic has been talked about in the following thread below:

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    The lookbook states it will be released in October but my LV SA told me it would be released in November.

    So I have no clue either.
  5. Does anyone know what the interior material will be of this bag??
  6. ^ I'm expecting textile lining, as in Popincourt Haut, BH, etc.
  7. ^ Aww...bummer...I was hoping for that how you spell it?
  8. Alcantara - Yep.
  9. This may be a stupid question, but is this supposed to be another "entry level" bag? Like the neverfulls?
  10. ^ I don't think so, it has pleats, adjustable straps (GM) and generally looks like much more thought went into its design than the NF.
  11. is the pm a shoulder bag?? or is only the gm the shoulder bag?
  12. I think the PM is supposed to be handheld, and the GM is the shoulder bag..anyone know for certain?
  13. most likely not since the pm starts at $825.
  14. i hope the pm can be a shoulder bag...the gm will definatly be too big for me?!
  15. I know exactly what you mean! The GM would be ginormus for me, so that's why I've wait-listed up for the PM..I am hoping too that it might be able to be carried on the shoulder, but from everything I've heard, it's supposed to be handheld..darn it!