Really ...????!!!


Nov 15, 2013
WOW! Maybe those watchers need parts to repair another bag, like people do with cars lol :P

Or, as the suspicious detective in me suggests, maybe someone wants to buy it for the authenticity card and stuff...

However, my heart hurts when I look at this totally destroyed Chanel... :shocked::cray::crybaby:
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Sep 5, 2007
Shockingly I think the bag can be repaired.

I had a friend who broke up with her completely insane boyfriend. When they split he wanted to destroy everything her ever bought her and went through her condo breaking her tv tearing up her clothes and pulling apart one of her Chanel bags. After the police arrested him and she got to dealing with all the damage she took the bag to the Chanel boutique in NYC. They said they'll send it in and see. Well, two months later she got it back and it looked brand new.

It didn't quite look as bad as this one but still I was shocked. So i guess you never know.