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  1. So I won a Coach purse earlier today (only bidder) that was somewhat poorly listed, though it did mention the actual style name in the auction title.

    I just now received a message through e-bay that the seller wants to cancel the transaction. Her reason, "I want to relist this to see if I can get a higher bid"......are you sh*** me? I have never heard such a nutty thing in my life (and to even admit that's what you're trying to do takes some kahunas if you ask me!!!)

    I replied back that "NO" I didn't want to cancel the transaction. So does anyone know what will happen next? My guess is that something will mysteriously happen to the bag before she sends it to me so that I will no longer want it~I can only see where this is going.....

    Haven't sellers ever heard of putting a 'reserve price' on their auctions if they don't want to chance that it's not going to sell for a high price??
  2. If you've already paid for the bag & she thinks she can get a lot more $$ by relisting, she may just refund you your $$, and take the hit on the fees for the listing you won.

    I guess that's better than you dealing w/ a SNAD.

    Sorry to hear you ran into a carppy seller, OP....karma will surely take care of her, tho.

    ETA: And be sure to file a non-performing seller report on her, too if she just refunds your $$ & never ships the bag!
  3. Did she send that through eBay messages? If so then I'd call eBay and have them take a look at it. That's a low thing to do, but it's also a stupid thing to do if she admits to it! I'd tell eBay I want to continue with the sale (if you do) and that'll give them a heads up on this seller. Good luck!
  4. :shocked:
  5. Ugh, that is sooo annoying. I can't believe people have the gall to tell you this (at least use the ol' "I spilled something on it when I was packing it" excuse!). If you don't end up with the bag, then I'd definitely file a non-performing seller. She can't *do* anything to do you at all, so don't worry about her getting angry, etc.
  6. Wow, just wow. Just wondering was that the ergo tote that went for $50??
  7. I have had that happen to me too. There really isn't much you can do other than file a NPS and leave appropriate fb. No way i would ever agree to let them off the hook by agreeing to cancel.
  8. i would report her if "something" happens to the bag
    especially if she sent it in ebay messages, because they can read those
  9. What a nutcase. I cannot believe that she really asked you to cancel for that reason!
  10. Nothing ceases to amaze me on ebay anymore...
  11. That's a big NO. The seller shouldn't have even thought about it. But you can't force her to sell the bag. Just refuse the cancellation to make her pay FVF and leave a big fat negative.

  12. exactly K!!!!!:graucho: i can not believe that they actually admitted that they wanted to relist to get more $$$ for the bag instead of some made-up sob story!!! as scarlett would say "great balls of fire!":graucho:
  13. What???? Insane!!!

  14. Ha,Ha- No, it was a patent leather Sabrina.....
  15. Thanks all for listenting to my rant....I've calmed down a bit since last night, but it still chaps my britches a little. After I replied 'no' to the request to cancel the transaction, she sent a follow-up e-mail (through e-bay messages) indicating that she would not accept my payment as the purse is no longer for sale.....So, I guess I'll take everyone's suggestions and file a non-performing seller report.
    Sheesh, I've been buying on E-bay for almost 10 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me......well, I did once get the, "oops, I got ink on your purse while I was boxing it up, so I don't think you want it now", excuse, but never a flat-out truth like "I'm going to relist this to see if I can get more money" line....oh well.