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  1. So I am still on the hunt for a black and red Tartan groovy...I heard they had them at Macy's. So on my break I decide I am going to start calling them. I only had 15 minutes, so I was only able to call two. But anyway, I called the first Macy's and when handbags picked up, I asked if it were the Coach counter. She said yes. I then asked if they happened to have any black and Red Tartan Groovy's. She was like "What?" So I asked again. She asked me what brand it was. I was like "uuuhh Coach?!?!" She then did not even look, but just tell me she really had no idea about Coach and to call back when someone else was working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you work in handbags, shouldn't you be familiar with the brand!??!!! Call back when someone else is working??? By that time if they DO have it, it could be gone!!

    But I called the other Macy's, and the SA knew exactly what I was talking about. She said she didnt think they had any but checked anyway. No Luck :0(

    UGH!! How do you work at the Coach counter and tell someone to call back because you do not know anything about it!?!?!?
  2. have you looked at evilbay or bonanzle I saw one there this morning for $199
  3. I have been looking...the one on Bonanzle must have just been listed, I keep checking.

  4. That is totally Poor Customer Service!!! You do not tell the customer to call back!!!! Macys has been a big disappointment since they bought out Marshall Fields!!!!
    Totally Tacky!!! Get people in that know the product!!!!
    I hope you find your Groovy!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. I am REALLY not a fan of the Groovy AT ALL...well, I have to say I WAS not ;)

    That Tartan Groovy is just CUTE! I hope you get your bag just because it's the cutest Groovy I've ever seen and because you helped me gain a little more appreciation for Poppy :smile:

    Oh yeah, and because it's generally just nice to hope that things work out for people :P
  6. Sorry for your encounter with the SA. Just for future reference, Macy's SAs can look items up and tell you what stores in your area have them. I have done this numerous of times. The SA at the second Macy's could have looked it up (since she new what item you were referring to) and told you where the nearest store was that had the bag you were looking for. Also, don't they have a Coach binder listing all the Coach items they carry? :shrugs:
  7. ^^They can't look them up by the style number anymore. They have to have to the Macy's sku number. So unless you have that, they can't look it up. Since they merged, they have moved to a different system.

    I know you're desperately looking for a bag, but have some patience with SA's on the phone, sometimes SA's from other dept's have to cover areas they aren't familiar with, it's doubtful if she worked in coach she didn't know her product, and if she didn't she was probably new, you just don't know.
    They are only making $8-$10/hr, and at least she was honest with you and told you to call back when someone who knew was there. She could have just told you NO,they don't have it and then you would go to Mayc's and see it there and been fuming.
  8. Sorry about that SA. I've had similar experiences in-store, at my local Macy's the SAs cover for each other's counters for long periods, so sometimes I get an SA who doesn't know the brand or where anything is ... usually they're really nice about it and do the best they can, but it's never very good ... one time when I was shopping at the Prescriptives counter, the Lancome SA was covering and when I asked her for things, she'd say something like "Lancome has a similar product, would you like to look at it instead?" She really wasn't enjoying digging through the Prescriptives counter to find stuff.
  9. Typical Macy's CS, unfortunately.....For the first time in about two years I shopped there today and I was reminded why it is I don't go in. On the upside, I got a cute pair of Coach wedges:smile:
  10. try lower macys offers a lot of people minimum wage.... and it sucks lol

    op- im going to try and find the sku and hunt it down for you if i can, im supossed to work tomorrow night (in better sportswear)....but i can always run away for a minute i mean who's gonna tell ;) ill let you know friday or saturday though. =]

  11. Thank you!!
  12. This is the # on my tag 884830923162
    Pop Trtn Groovy Bag
    SV/Black multi
  13. Yes that is the way of the FP Store, Outlet & Dept Stores... They hire people who do not know or care what they are selling...

    I do not think they need to have a passion for the merch but they should at least get to know it.