Really worried my LV bag is lost...please reassure!

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  1. I purchased a LV reporter GM from eeast-madison on December 4 and it was supposedly shipped on the 5th. I have yet to receive it - it was sent via Chronopost (which I have never heard of before) and the tracking number I was provided is not giving any information. I just confirmed that with the customer service rep I spoke with (who was very nice) but she said it should not take this long.

    I am worried sick right now :crybaby:- I paid $610 for the bag and no one knows where it is. I did have the package insured...but I really wanted the bag. I am so sorry to rant, but was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with Chronopost, etc. that may have any advice for me....

    I just sent another e-mail to eeast-madison asking them to confirm the tracking (although they have already done so twice) and to give me any information in regards to the shipment. I really wanted to use the bag for the holidays...
  2. Don't panic, yet! I'm sure your bag is fine; it's the holiday season, and deliveries are seriously lagging right now. I've dealt with this seller before, and believe me, I panicked as well (she used DHL, and the tracking info is all screwy here in the US) for I thought my bag was lost. It took a month for my package to arrive.

    I'm not sure what are all the shipping methods she uses, but it seems that it takes forever for some of the items to reach the states.
  3. Where is it coming from?
  4. Well, it's a little over two weeks, but keep in mind it's the Christmas season and there must be a super high volume of mail!
    Especially if they're member waited FOREVER to receive her snowglobe from Germany (?), I think.
    I ordered some stuff from the UK and it's been almost THREE weeks and I still don't have it yet...I've had some slowww shipments from the UK, but that could also be because I'm in Canada and customs is a pain.

    Don't worry about it! You have insurance too...I'm sure it's on its way!
  5. It says the seller is in France.
  6. Yes - it's coming from France....I guess I just got worried because the customer service rep. said that I should have received the package within the first week, and plus the tracking info is so screwed up.

    Karmen - I am keeping my fingers crossed and it makes me feel better that you received your packages.

    Patience is a virtue!
  7. The holiday rush is unreal! Don't panic... it can take twice as long for it to arrive due to the sheer volume of mail that is going through all the postal systems. Please keep us posted.
  8. :yes: :yes:. I received a parcel from overseas which should've been here within 5-10 days but it took 3 weeks:cursing: . I'm not from France but I think the "tracking number" she provided might just be registration number for insurance purpose only ( in Australia, tracking numbers are provided only with EMS/ Courier services, registeration number is untrackable until you make a claim ). Fingres crossed you'll receive it before the holidays.:yes:
  9. Thank you for the encouragement! I will keep you all posted!
  10. Its Christmas time, everything is behind. I'd give it until the end of the month. If you see no movement using the tracking number i'd start making enquires.

  11. I had something sent to me from Germany and the tracking # provided was for German post only. As soon as the parcel entered Canada, tracking info changed. I had to call Germany myself to find out the new (Canadian) # because I didn't want to bug the seller a million times!:nuts: It did take over three weeks (actually, it got to Canada in two days but Canadian customs were so backed up that it took them over two weeks to process my parcel).:cursing:
  12. my package from Singapore took one week

    but may be because of its holiday coming, process takes a bit longer
  13. I think everything will work out, it sometimes takes a while! I hope it comes soon!
  14. My snow globe/dome took 5 weeks from Germany.
  15. I also wanted to add that the reason my package sat in customs for so long is because it wasn't marked XPRESS/URGENT so they didn't make it a priority.