Really...why do you like Louis Vuitton???

  1. Why do you really like Louis Vuitton?

    I mean, what is it about it that makes you want it so badly???

    I know it's an addiction but why?

    Approximately how many bags do you purchase per year? How often do you buy a bag? For me, every 4-6 months when I can afford it.

    It is after all, a handbag with an extremely high markup...I mean, don't get me wrong, I love LV and addicted to it but I just wanted to hear your own personal reasons.
  2. I'm going to be completely truthful here

    For me the reason's are quality and status

    Yes LV will last you forever (the classic lines I'm not having so much luck with ltd edt) I love the way you can be any age and still rock an LV bag

    I like having things that the masses don't that can be anything from an unusal style, colour or even a limited edition I don't look down on people who don't have it I just like to be different

    I buy roughly every 4-6 weeks sometimes it's more sometimes is it's less but I love the way there is always something LV caters for everyone
  3. I truthfully think all of the other bags out there are boring and (real) LV is special. Plus not too many have it and I love Damier!
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  4. LV gives me a natural high no other drug can induce :yes:
  5. I like LV because they are well made and I like the styles. I have bought other designer bags and I often browse the other boards, but in the end it is LV that I come back to. I agree with Claire when she says that she also likes the status. I love to carry a bag that most would not buy and I agree, I do not look down on others who don't, I just feel great with a nice bag. I am a larger woman and so I often cannot buy designer clothing. LV makes me feel beautiful and special. Now if I could just make more
  6. 100% truthfully, I love the idea of a handbag that I can have forever - one that never goes out of style. And the quality! Honestly, I haven't found another company that even rivals it.
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  7. ^ I get a new bag about every 3-4
  8. I love owning the monogram because I love seeing the vachetta change colour as time passes. LV also never goes out of style and can always be resold. Just last year alone I purchased 16 LVs and just 2 this year. It was extremely hard to stay on the ban.
  9. I like the fact that LV never goes on sale. I also love having bags that not everyone has, at least around here (Coach, Gucci and Chanel are seen more).

    I have bought a lot of bags this year but will probably slow down for the next year. I feel that my LV collection is pretty well rounded, so the lusting and wanting has started to go away :supacool:.
  10. i 100% agree with these reasons and that LV has really unique and attractive styles to me.
  11. Some might not believe it, but quality, first and foremost. I've told the story about my mom's old Speedy which I still use being in excellent condition even now. I used to buy a lot more bags but not so much anymore. I have all I need. This year, I've gotten the gold Miroir Speedy in January and the pink/pink CB Pochette a few months ago and I just bought a silver Lexington as well. I've been into the accessories more lately.
  12. Louis Vuitton is a lifestyle. And I fit that lifestyle.

    And I just got into Louis Vuitton. I buy whenever I like a new bag. It totals about $5,000 up to $15,000 a month on Louis Vuitton.
  13. Because I generally like to own and use understated, elegantly designed good quality items. And LV fits the bill on all three counts.

    That said, my next purchase will be my last, because all the items I have are fullfilling a certain purpose/use, and I don't feel the need to accumulate more - I am over the 'cool' & 'exclusive' factor that was part of what initially compelled me.
  14. I just love beautiful things and I especially appreciate fine craftsmanship. My handbag is a kind of treasure trove - everything I carry around with me has to be a beautiful thing of its kind. I won't carry tissues, it has to be an exquisite vintage lace edged hanky ... a Michal Negrin business card case just because it's so insanely pretty ... and so on. I'm quite obsessive about the contents of my handbag, everything has to be beautiful and pristine and perfect, and of course so does the bag that carries them.

    I have a Judith Leiber purse and up until I bought my first LV, had harbored dreams of a collection of Judith Leibers ... but then I went looking on eBay for a blue handbag for the coming Australian summer (hadn't seen anything I liked in the shops here), and lucked out with an epi Ségur in myrtille from a My Poupette seller. She said she'd used it a couple of times, but you would not know it had ever been carried. The beauty and quality of the bag fairly blew me away - it was love at first sight.

    It's only a month since I bought the Ségur and I've bought three other LV items since; another handbag (Manhattan PM), a wallet and a bag charm. I may never buy any other brand again. :love:
  15. I love the quality of LV and the factor that they back up their products (warranty). They don't go on sale, which means that not every will have it!
    I do also like the status of the bag as well but definetly more so for the quality.

    They do have a good resale value but I have yet to sell one of them (I had this thought, a random thought, the other day about selling my Manhattan PM (my first LV) or my Gold Miroir Papillion and I stopped myself! What was I Thinking!!! LOL

    Personally I really like the LE lines because they are a lot less common and since they carry fewer of these bags then the chances of me seeing someone with the same bag is significantly lower! I don't like it when people have the same bag as me! Thats also why I tend to stay away from the permanent collection unless I love it! (A lot of people carry LV here thats the main reason!)