REALLY Weird thing, what to do?

  1. So I listed a pair of higher end pumps a few days ago with a BIN. I always say in my descriptions that payment is due within 3 days unless we have made prior plans. So yesterday I checked my auctions after having been away from my computer for a few hours and I found see that someone hit the BIN. I send an invoice, then a few minutes later as I check my email I notice that about an hour before my buyer hit the bin she sent a question which was:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi :smile:
    May I please have payment grace until the 16th of Feb? Please have a look at my feedback, I am an honest and trustworthy eBayer who keeps her word.
    Wishing you a beautiful day!
    Kind Regards,

    Ooookaaaay??? So she hit the BIN without waiting for my response? And the 16th is kind of a long time from now.
    I then sent her this:

    Oh my goodness, I just saw this message. I'm sorry I couldn't answer before you hit the BIN. The 16th is kind of a while from now, is there any way you could pay sooner? It's not that I won't trust you, but I had not anticipated having to wait so long. Please let me know if you can send payment sooner. Maybe in 1 week rather than 2? Let me know what works for you. Thanks, the shoes are really lovely, you will love them!


    I sent that around 2:00 PM yesterday and I have gotten NO response.
    What the heck should I do???:confused1:
  2. hmm. would you be willing to accept sort of a payment plan? like... if she were to send you 25% now and the rest in a few weeks. Might give you a bit of piece of mind knowing that she will make good on her word.

    That is odd. I'm sorry she hit the BIN so fast.
  3. ^She has really strong feedback, like more than 600 100%. Its not that I don't trust her. I would totally be up for working something out, but she hasn't responded at all. I'm just confused as to why she would just drop off the face of the earth after doing something like this.:confused1:
  4. Maybe she is somewhere (like vacation) and that is why she is not answering emails and can't pay till then?
  5. It would have been nice if she asked that question prior to making the purchase. I can understand your frustration. Hopefully she will respond to your email. Perhaps she would be willing to pay half now and then the balance on the 16th? Just a thought.
  6. I have found a lot of people wait 14 days to pay . I hate this. They wait till you open the dispute after 7 days and then pay on the last day when you can close the dispute. This has happened to me with high feedback customers.
  7. it's really disrespectful of her not to adhere to your auction terms. people are so impatient to get something that they'll totally screw other potential bidders, not to mention buyers in order to have the 'option' to buy something. why can't people understand that buying something on eBay is a commitment! i wish there was a way for people to actually be charged for their item as soon as an auction closes or as soon as they hit 'bin'. sorry you have to deal with that.
  8. sorry, had to correct type-o in prev post.

  9. That is quite a pain. I agree with the asking for 25% now, and the other 75% later. But for preventing this in the future, I know that there is a section under selling options where you as the seller can require immediate payment when the buyer hits BIN.
  10. It was not a smart move for her to ask and not wait for a response. But if she has such great feedback I would let it go. It is hard to find honest and loyal buyers who are not out to scam you.

    Another thought, maybe she really really wanted the item and was afraid someone would snag the deal before she could get a response? I just recently had that happen to me. I was talking via email with a seller asking him if he would remove the immediate payment required so I could have the two days he agreed too. As soon as he removed that requirement someone had snatched it! I was so sad :crybaby: Although I couldn't do exactly what your buyer did, I would never disrespect the seller in that manor. Good Luck!
  11. I would stick to my policies and deny her request because if she really wanted the item she'd find a way to fund it. Three times I had requests to hold items, all from 100% fb buyers, I was played out, and the filing NPB process was a pain as it took like forever.
  12. I would request a non-refundable holding fee of 15-25%... depending on your listing costs.