Really wanting an Epi Noir Bag... Which One Should I Get?

Which Epi Noir should I get?

  • Alma PM with Strap

  • Brea MM

  • Neverfull MM

  • Petit Noe

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Jan 5, 2014
I think I'm finally ready to pick out my first Epi bag. I've pretty much decided on going with Black. I think it will be a nice dressy addition to my canvas bags and one infini empreinte bag. The dilema I have now is which bag.... here are my choices:

Alma PM Noir with Strap
Brea MM
Petit Noe
Neverfull MM


Mar 3, 2013
Definitely the Alma!!! :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes: I have the PM in Noir Magnetique and it is my absolute favorite! GLD!


Feb 22, 2008
I'd say it depends on how you wanna use it. My personal choice would be either the Alma or the Neverfull


Yogi Mama
Dec 9, 2010
Always in Zen
I know they make it but I don't agree that epi bags should be soft smooshy types so not the Noe or the Neverfull for me as I don't think it will stand the test of time (although the NF in black epi IS so gorgeous).
It is a very tough decision between the alma PM and the brea MM. It depends on what you are going to use it for. Every day handbag then Alma. If for work to include documents and other work items then Brea MM


May 31, 2014
Alma, Alma. picture me jumping up and down. I love mine so much I have two in Noir with long straps. crazy I know. I also have the Brea gm in red epi. But the Alma epi was my first LV love/bag and is my go to bag.


Dec 15, 2005
North of Boston
I have a Brea MM in Rubis (4 yrs old and still looks new) and I just got my first black epi bag, the Alma PM in noir and I did get the strap to go with it. I would recommend either of these bags. Both are classy beautiful bags. The Brea holds more than the Alma because of the curved shape of the Alma but I don't carry a lot so it's big enough for me. Another advantage of the Brea is the hardware across the top and the charm at the end of the zipper. The Brea has an interior zipper pocket while the Alma has two wide slip pockets. The Brea has a D ring. The Alma does not, but the soft textile lining is very nice and the lining color is gray so easier to see inside. I believe the Noir Brea has a black interior. It is easier to open the Alma. I think the contrast of black epi with silver hardware is beautiful and for that reason I would't choose the NF. Too plain. The Noe is classic but would be the most difficult to get in and out of.

Here is a great video of the Alma..