Really wanting a Papeete or Cyclade

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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can still get either a Papeete city or Cyclade city? I already asked Aloha rag but they don't have those colors anymore. Does anyone have any information?
  2. They show up pretty regularly on the *bay as well ...
  3. If you're still looking for a Cyclade City, as of Saturday, NM in Dallas (North Park Center) had one on display. 214-363-8311

    Good luck!
  4. do you guys think that the cyclade is comparable to 05 turquoise?
  5. ^^ Not really. Cyclade is much LESS intense than 05 Turquoise. Though I've seen a few Cyclades that had more intensity than others.
  6. RERE, is the picture on your avatar 05?
  7. ^^ Sure is. ;)

    I once saw this Cyclade Twiggy on Erica's site that had really nice saturation... but I've noticed that most Cyclade's don't look like that. Are you have any luck hunting one down?
  8. I can spot the 05 anywhere!
    Well thanks to more_choos I know NM has one, but the thing is... you know with bbags, you want to see how the color changes with your own eyes. so i'm not sure if i want to buy it withut seeing it in real life first. Also, i really want to use my 50$ gift card from NM, but if i end up returning the bag, then i'll lose that $50 gc I could have used on something else.