really want one

  1. the more i visit this balenciaga board, the more i love them. I've decided i really love the vert d'eau color (close to seafoam) but i have nothing that would really go with it. well, i guess white and black would. that color is so stunning too. i wish the bags on eBay that are authentic weren't so $$$

    lol maybe i'll sell my LV's for one? or maybe i'll just save.

    oh well. at any rate....i think i've just become a convert! :yes:
  2. lol it's funny, i thought i'd want white or red, but after seeing this color, i can't stop thinking of it.

    oh, and you gals have such amazing collections! love your bbags!! i'm jealous!
  3. Satine - you have great taste. The vert d'eau is a lovely color - sophisticated and unusual. You won't regret your bbag purchase for a second, they are worth every penny.

    Also, I think it would look great with grey, blue, brown, pink. Youj might be surprised once you get it.
  4. hmm, thanks for the tips. I found one for sale on eBay, and the lister says that the wife is a TPF member. but, it's only $200 less than i think it might just be worth it to buy it brand new.

    do you think there is a waiting list for this bag?