Really want Kooba Paige!!!!

  1. Anyone know where I can get it discounted?:yahoo:
  2. Check out Upscaletrend on Ebay. She gets all of my Koobas for me direct from Kooba. She has a Paige on sale and I think she has another in another color but it's not listed. She can be 100% trusted.
  3. Check out Active Endeavors | Shopping they have the Paige. Checkout code BLUSH will get you 20% off. Not sure how long that lasts.
    Also, check out Toutie! Isabella Fiore,Chloe,Siwy for other shops having discounts and check those sites for the bag.
    Lastly...check - your shopping companion online codes and coupons section for a lot of stores offering discounts, I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck, let us know how you like the bag - I've been eyeing it also and think it's gorgeous..just can't bring myself to spend that much on the bag...!
  4. Oops! Just looked at a Kooba on active endeavors...they don't honor discount codes on Kooba anymore...that's something new. But there are lots of other shops that will...If i see something, I'll post it for you
  5. Try and use the coupon code toutie15 for 15% off. I just looked and they still have the Kooba Paige in Bourbon and the code still works. Peggy
  6. Try and use code toutie* for 20% off. They have the bourbon in stock for $645
  7. me too!!! That bag is beautiful!!
  8. Can someone let me know if you see anymore discount codes for this bag!!!

  9. had it in black and raisin earlier today on sale. don't know if it's still available
  10. Write to Upscaletrend and tell her I sent you. She told me when I talked to her on the phone about 3 days ago that she had a Paige in black (not listed for auction) that she wanted to sell at a fairly good discount. She's trying to rid herself of Kooba bags right now.