Really Want a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After.

  1. It seems like everyone loves the Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag; I think I would love the mini. My bag budget is a little maxed out at the moment though.

    I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction (Store, etc.)
    I've heard of people getting really amazing deals.

  2. I am pretty sure Lunaboston normally has a pretty good sale....and I think Tobi is having a 25% off sale right now. I got my MA bag by just looking everyday at websites until I found one on sale for $400....just keep your eyes peeled and be pretty diligent in looking and something will definitely pop up for you!!
  3.'s a 25% discount if you use the code holiday2007...i can't take credit for it; someone here gave me the heads up! also, they are amazing with their customer service...they guarantee their bags for a YEAR!!!
  4. try eBay, I saw at least one on there...
  5. I couldn't get the holiday2007 code to work, but I never checked out all the way. Did anyone get this to work?
  6. Try holiday07

    I saw that somewhere......let me know if it works!
  7. if it doesn't work, call the toll free number and tell them you have the code and they can do it for you over the phone!
  8. The LunaBoston code wouldn't work for me so I ordered mine from Active Endeavors using the "apologies" code for 25% off.
  9. I purchased mine on eBay for under $400. They seem to have a few on at a time.
  10. That code expired on 12/17....but you can get 20% off anytime using "grechen"
  11. Go to grechens, they have codes for a few sites that carry RM. I got a Nikki fom Luna Boston for about $490, was too impatient to wait for the one I wanted to come up on eBay.
  12. thanks guys! Another question about the RM, what do you think about the evergreen (new style) with the studs. I always saw this bag as a classy work bag, and the green makes it funky. I can't tell if I love it, or hate it.
  13. I like the green. Don't forget delcina has some and they have that 37% sale going on right now!
  14. I like the green as well. If it didn't have studs I would be all over it (it's not quite my personality really, but I think it looks great!)!
  15. I couldn't get the delcina coupon to work for the mini morning after.