Really upset with JC!

  1. A couple of months back, I ordered 2 bags from JC online site. They ended up sending me one that was a wrong bag. Anways, I sent back the bag with their pre-paid label through DHL. I have been very busy with things, so I didn't even think to check to see if it got delivered back to them. So cut to 2 months later. I get a letter from JC asking if I would still like to return the bag??? Umm say wha???

    I am glad I still have the receipt because I just checked the DHL website and it says a totally different address than is on the shipping label I sent. PLUS on the description on the DHL website it lists BUNKER OIL!!!! WTF?? It got delivered somewhere in the UK and someone signed for it. It was also held in customs for like 3 weeks. All of this because they didn't get my order correct in the first place!

    I am soooooooo worried because I didn't even look at the airbill and it says the insurance wasn't checked off...which I thought since JC filled everything out, I didn't notice they put N/A where insurance was. I feel like such an idiot!

    Now I have to go to the DHL office that I dropped it off at and try to see if I can get it straightened out...but I don't have much faith that it will.

    Has this happened to anyone before when they ordered through the website?
  2. I've never had the wrong item sent by JC, but oh the horror stories about DHL. They returned your purse to a completely different address than what was clearly printed on the label? I totally believe that. They have done that to me (on a delivery and not return) and denied it vehemently despite evidence to the contrary. Luckily the person they delivered it to dropped it off at my door 3 days later, unopened. So sorry you are having these difficulties. Keep us posted.
  3. Yes they sent the bag to a totally different address than was on the label. Since I don't live in the UK, I didn't assume anything until this morning when I rec'd an email from JC. I just know DHL is not going to take responsibility for this. I mean "BUNKER OIL". I didn't know there was the need for me to send this from the US to the UK. Surely, the UK has enough that they wouldn't need me to supply it! Never mind hiding it in a JC Mahala!

    Also, I told JC to check their billing statements since they were the ones getting charged for the return shipping. They are not being cooperative with me. This whole thing is really a turn off to the company for me now!
  4. Well the good news is you have the receipt saying where it was supposed to be shipped to so at least they can't deny that they made a mistake like they did with jburgh. Ugh I hope this works out for you.
  5. I have only ordered one bag from the JC web site. I knew I wanted the bag and would love it, but I also pretty much considered it a final sale since from what I've heard it's REALLY expensive to return a bag to them if you don't like it. So I think I would pretty much avoid ordering from JC online as much as possible.

    But having the wrong bag sent to you and then having to deal with the hassle of the return to the UK? That stinks. I think you should have been able to just send it off to the closest boutique here in the States. It wasn't your fault, why should you have all that hassle? :confused1:

    Since you have proof that the bag was returned, I would think it's now out of your hands and a refund should be issued pronto. JC CERTAINLY should not expect you to clear up a shipping mess for a bag you didn't even order when you used the label they provided for the return! :mad:

    Grrrr....let us know how it turns out, but don't be discouraged by JC entirely. The bags are so beautiful, I wouldn't let one bad experience, albeit a VERY bad experience, turn you off to the brand entirely. :s
  6. Yes it would have been awesome if I could of walked into the JC store (10 blocks from my apt) in Manhattan and just returned it. Believe me I asked them! They said something about it came from a warehouse and it had to be returned to the same place. I will let everyone know what happens. I just know I will never order from their site again. If I would of known this was going to happen, I would of returned the Maddy instead of the Mahala! I would have at least got to keep the bigger bag even though I didn't want the color! I could of just sold it on eBay!

    ETA: on the "description" part of the airbill, it is preprinted by JC "not authorized for insurance, blah blah blah". It doesn't describe what was in the box when I sent it back. How do you even prove something like this if its not in the description!
  7. Yikes! I'm feel for you having to deal with JC's screw up. It must be really stressful to wonder if you'll get refunded for a bag you didn't even order! I hope that someone will take responsibility for the problem. Good luck.
  8. So sorry to hear about ANOTHER JC London Screw up:cursing:
    They should give you a bag for free, for all the headaches you have had to put up with.

    I have returned 2 things to the JC London address, both times using the pre-paid DHL label and have had not problems.

    Even my little "Rock" bag which took almost a month to receive, made it back to their facility in 3 days:confused1: It was picked up from my house at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon and I received an email from London on Sunday, stating they had received my bag back and my CC would show the credit in 3-5 business days.

    I hope it all works out for you and I don't blame you for refusing to ever order from them again:censor:

    Keep us posted:tup:
  9. I've only tried to order from the JC website and had an issue so I never ordered. But they were really bad about responding to me when I was requesting help with my order. I kept calling and calling and leaving messages and nobody ever got back to me. Their customer service seems pretty bad.

    I hope you get it worked out.

    WTF is bunker oil anyway?
  10. Since you asked!

    I guess in my apt, I keep a supply in case the Navy runs out! :confused1:

    Anyway, I went to DHL where I dropped off the box and they said they are looking into it. We will see what happens.
  11. Well then! Personally I think it is damn patriotic of you to support one of our allies by helping them to keep thier ships fueled! :lol:

    I'm sorry, but my DH was in the US Navy for 20 years and I am totally picturing him opening a package with a Jimmy Choo handbag in it when he was expecting some piece of high-tech radar equipment! :roflmfao::roflmfao: Hey, I would probably have gotten a nice gift though! Which is the bad thing, that bag is probably long gone if the package has been signed for and opened.

    Defininitely not your fault though! I hope it all gets cleared up soon and you get your refund pronto! :tup:
  12. I'm so sorry to read about your troubles with JC and DHL. Personally, I go out of my wat to order things that DO NOT use DHL as I find them to be the most unreliable shipping carrier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything will work out. Good luck, and keep us updated!
  13. It's my own private stock! Yes and for the price of a Mahala, just think, if it was the same gas I put in my car, I guess I could of had enough for the next couple of years! Silly me wasting my time going to the pumps every week to fill it up when I could of just went to my navy ship in my closet and siphoned some! But wait, that can't be right because my apartment building is only electric! :push:
  14. hmmm, navy ship. Is Russell Crowe the captain and do you keep him on your closet, too? (just saw Master and Commander)
  15. LOL Sadly no. But I think he left his "Gladiator" frock in my closet but I can't find it behind the ship! It's quite big, don't ya know?

    Just want to update my drama. I just got an email from JC returns dept and now they are saying they are confirming they did receive the bag back. Yay! But they are asking will I be sending them back the other bag I kept! :weird: I told them if they don't have the original Bronze Mahala I ordered, to refund me. I think the Bronze would go better with Bunker Oil, no? Plus when I dig out Russell's ensemble, I think it will be a better match than a Champagne Maddy.