really upset, need to rant.

  1. hi all, i dont even know if this is allowed and fnot, moderators, go ahead,do your thing.

    i just HATE eBay!! i tried selling a bag of mine and i dont mind questions of authenticity of course and maybe I'm just a new selling and never encountered this. I got so many emails from people that were so so nasty.

    "why cant you sell your bag to me cheaper?" "no one has bid on it,if it doesnt sell, will u let it go at xXX" and its non- stop, the emails are totally impolite just one line " sell it to me at XXX' . I already explained its genuine and new and yet they are asking such ridiculous amts.

    I knnow I'm silly to be attached to my bag when I want to sell it, but look I paid for it with my good money and I still do love it , I almost feel like they are insulting my bag.:cursing:

    sorry about this. I just needed to let it out before I started crying.
  2. aww! i am so sorry! the best advice i can give is to not let it get to you...i would imagine that it happens to EVERY eBay seller at some point no matter what (speaking from experience). people need to realize that a seller is more likely to come down on the price if they are nice about the offer and seem like they would be nice to work with. oh well! just remember you are not the only one and i know its easier said than done, but dont let it get to you:smile:
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience, but some people are tactless. Sometimes we just gotta deal! :yes:
  4. Every bag I've ever sold gets countless offers. Just kindly tell them the lowest you are willing to take and leave it at that. I had someone insist in a very rude way that a bag I bought from Saks was fake, that was really insulting. So I told the person to leave me alone or I'd report them to eBay. Guess what, they left me alone. Good luck with your bag.
  5. I understand the frusteration. A few weeks ago I was getting TONS of emails on a pre-loved Chanel bag...Mostly people sending insulting requests like "Why can't you take $500 for it?" on a $3,000 Bag!!! Or "I hope your bag doesn't sell so you can take my offer" How rude! But I've learned to brush em' off since Ebay reaches millions of people around the WORLD and you're bound to get dumb requests like this.
  6. awww.... so sorry to hear that "J" reformedlv! people are just ignorant! just ignore them... if they're impolite to you... then you dont have to play nice at all... I'm sure someone who appreciates your PT will come along!
  7. I am so sorry that people have been rude. Just ignore them and wait for someone who really wants the bag. They are out there it just needs the right person at the right time. Dont give in to pressure. You know how much you want to sell the bag for so stick to it. Why not try a "buy it now or best offer" (thats what I do) and then if people want to offer you silly offers they can which you can just decline. You may find that someone makes you an offer that you are happy with. Good luck!
  8. I know what you mean. There are so many "vultures" on eBay now. They either low-ball the heck out of you while making ridiculous offers or, they wait (salivating) for your auction to end without a winning bidder just so they can send you a message asking for you to sell it to them for a much lower price. For some reason, they think you are desperate. Or stupid. Or both. I don't know.

    It happens. It's frustrating. As a rule, I don't answer low-ball offers. I ignore them. If their offer is really outrageous, I put them on my blocked bidder list. I don't need the stress.
  9. ^^Exactly, or they berate you for your pricing saying it's too expensive and blah blah when there is a REASON you priced it at the amount you did. I have a nice list of blocked bidders now thanks to some of the offers and rude emails I've gotten.
  10. I never reply to these, but if ya felt like venting tell them to go to Walmart then and get a bag :roflmfao:

    I am annoyed at these new solicitors that are wanting to sell me their fake bags. I dont know how they are slipping thru the ebay cracks.
  11. Most of listings end 11-12pm. on Sundays. I can't believe how many ebay email messages I get after 9pm. on that Sunday asking for more pictures of an item. Like I have time to ask them for a email address and wait around for them to get back to me with my camera ready. I understand that people are looking at the last minute, but not everyone is at their beck and call. I get this alot..."can you tell me more about this item"....well I pretty much covered it when it took me 10 minute to write up the description!
  12. it does help if you put no buy it nows questions as you would prefer to let the auction run .