Really upset..and depressed

  1. Hey everyone..

    You may have seen me post around here before.
    I'm 22, I work fulltime doing promotional marketing and go to school full-time to earn my Biology degree.
    My boyfriend and I do eBay on the side for some extra cash also..
    Now heres the issue..
    I feel like i'm not doing enough to futher myself in terms of my future. I wish I could just speed up the education process but with working fulltime, it makes it very difficult. I am already taking 16 credits but if I was working less, I can surely do 18-20 credits a semester. Unfortunately I cannot work less because I need $.
    I just feel there is something I can be doing to either earn more $ or get further ahead in school or my future and I'm not doing it.. It's making me very upset.. Does anyone else very feel this way? :sweatdrop:
  2. I think you just summed up the experience of 90% of college students! You are definitely not the only one in this position. If you're making ends meet right now, and you're doing well in your classes (and will be able to graduate in 4 years), then you're on track.
  3. i can feel ya. I was working full time, going to school , and a single mom ( at the time). It all sucked until it was over and i had my degree. I had no money, no time, and no relaxation: but it wasn't forever. You have to make the best of it. Sounds stupid, but its true.
  4. I just feel that its taking too long.. I want to graduate already..or be able to go to school taking 20+ credits a semester but then again that means I cant work and I need $ to pay for school... its such an ugly cycle.. and its so upsetting...PLus my major isnt the easiest to graduate by taking night classes..

  5. I give you a lot of credit for doing that all..It surely sounds stressful (reading it just stressed me out lol)

    I really don't mind not having time right now, but I just wish with the time I have left over from everything I'm doing that I was more productive. My theory is if I bust my butt now, its going to pay off in the future(I hope)..thats why I'm trying to come up things to do in my "spare" time to help myself get further along but I don't know what else to do!
  6. In order to finish my second degree, I was taking 24 units (yes, I had to actually petition to take that many)... and trust me, it's not fun and was barely worth it!
  7. I know it's frustrating, but you really are on track and doing better than a lot of people you're age. Take a deep breath and try and see the big picture. This is where you are suppose to be. The are things and experiences to be learned from your college years outside of the classroom. Don't rush through it or put too much pressure on yourself. You have alot of years to be in the 'adult' world, try and enjoy this phase of your life. Life is not just a destination, but a journey....enjoy it :smile:
  8. hey i know it's frustrating but you're doing a great job and yes it will pay off once you get your degree!! it's very tough to have a job and study but keep on it and do your best in your studies. getting the degree is your goal for now, just focus on that.

    you are doing all you can juggling fulltime work and school. things may seem to be moving slower than you like but it's not because you aren't doing enough. it's just that you need to work fulltime for the paycheck. so don't feel like you're not doing enough for your future. give yourself credit for doing both. it is a huge deal!