REALLY unhappy. ugh!

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  1. so, I love drawstring bags and went online to the coach website and saw that they still had the Madison pinnacle drawstring on the website. I called and ordered it immediately on Monday. I was told that I could call back on Tuesday to get an update. called back and was told that it was being processed and to call back Tuesday night. called back and was told the same thing. called this morning and was told that it would most likely ship today but to call back tonight and get an update. called back and was told that the bag that they were going to ship me was damaged and they don't know if they have anymore and that if they don't the order would be canceled. I was really PO'd. I mean, seriously, people do work in the warehouse. couldn't someone just check and see if they have another one?? so now I have a call into a manager and am waiting to see what he/she has to say. I LOVE drawstring bags and am really unhappy about this...this was the smaller sized one for 498.00 and everything about it was perfect. UGH!!!
  2. I am so sorry. That is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. I am have been checking on several bags only to be told there were ONLY 15-20 left period and then see them available and "in stock" on the website. This kind of comment mainly comes from SA and it is usually prior a second release situation. Either the stock numbers aren't correct or I am a sucker that believes that there are only 20 left.
  3. This has happened to me several times. Then a month later it is on FOS and stays there for months, finally moving to clearance.
  4. great. call back from manager. no more available. just great.
  5. I'm sorry. You should call an outlet. Sometimes they have them and they wouldn't show in the FP inventory.
  6. Ugh! I would be angry too! If they are out of stock, they should update the darn website. Maybe you can find one on ebay. Or there will be something else fabulous that will be instant love.
  7. #7 Apr 9, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
    Can you get into FOS? Seems like I saw some FP drawstring bags there recently. May not be Pinnacle.

    I remember an ivory pebbled leather one? Maybe others. I already have 2, so I automatically resist them.

    These were in the section called "from coach stores" today:

    Parchment? (Looks coral to me)

    Around $250 less 20%

    There are a few more factory bag styles, including Avery in a bunch of colors, leather and canvas, floral, and a large pebbled leather.

  8. Unfortunately for the OP, the ones on FOS aren't the same bag. I agree with calling the outlet and asking them to search their system.
  9. Hmm, I live in Jacksonville, so if there's anywhere I can check for you, let me know.
  10. Check the outlets, a few ladies got some awhile ago around the time the Borough bags that weren't supposed to be sold in the Outlets.

    Check Ebay, I saw 1 on there that was in like new condition that sold for half the regular price.
  11. Never believe them when they say there's only 15-20 left. It's bull for them to say there's so few of any bag. We all know how Coach is, they say something is limited and then it winds up at the outlet or FOS. Check FOS if you can and call your outlets. I'm sure it's somewhere. Don't give up!
  12. ***UPDATE***
    okay, so this AMAZING manager called me back (yes, now he's amazing!)...he apologized and said there were no more, but, then he said "it's too bad you didn't want it in black because there are a lot of them in black at different stores", and I was like "UM, i ASKED for it in black and was told there was no black which was why i ordered the chestnut!", so he called the store (which happens to be in Massachusetts) and had them hold one...i called the store and they shipped it out today which means i'll have it tomorrow and for the aggravation he said there's a little bonus for you and he took 10% off the bag! so, i wrote to coach and gave his name and told them he gave me amazing customer service and they wrote back to say that they would tell him...happy ending! yay! and thanks for the support during my aggravation!!! and yes, i'll post pics when it gets here!!!

  13. Happy ending. Good deal. :smile:
  14. Great news!!!
  15. I'm glad you found one, I am pretty sure I saw one in FP Walnut Creek, CA last weekend too.