Really torn GGH Sandstone work or ??? Please help!

  1. I am really torn I just saw the sandone work with GGH and it's really pretty. I love the color size the leather was perfect slightly veiny and wonderfully soft not dry at all:tup:.
    It's just that it is GGH an it's so blingy, I really don't know how I will feel about it a couple months down the road. :confused1:
    I have mostly RH and the SGH VF part-time but that's really diffrent. Should I get it or ... ???
    It shure will look great with white and summeryclothes.
    I wanted the Sahara with SGH but the leather I saw wasn't that nice, really dry and I love the Ivory SGH but that's too light for my use.

    What do you guys think.
    I was also considering a Prada Gauffre in naturale (very light brown)???
  2. It sounds like you are TRYING to fall in love with the GGH but just can't do it!!! Me too!!!~ I'm in the same boat!!! Love S/S with GGH but you may decide you can't get into it b/c you feel like the GGH is too much for you~ then you'll wind up selling it off. I say wait for a sahara SGH with the leather you love to buy or get the Gauffre bag!!! I do LOVE the Prada Gauffre bag!!! This is JMO and good luck!!!!
  3. Personally, I love the GH, so I would go for!! And like you said - the sandstone with white and other summery clothes will be amazing!!!
  4. Cat, GGH Sandstone is one combo that looks amazing. The gold blends in so well with the color that it is not so loud or too much. I had it and it was gorgeous. The best neutral ever but if you think you are trying to make yourself to love it then don't get it. You have to love the bag to spend that much money on it. Good luck sweetie.:heart:
  5. don't make me bust our a pic of mine to get you REALL thinking about getting one! LOL!

    Seriously though, it really is a subtle and very pretty blending of taupe and gold.

    I am using it today and its winter but its great now and KILLER for Spring/Summer.
  6. sorry for the crappy spelling. I'm typing on an iPhone at work. LOL!!!!
  7. Thanks lady' hard zacorey I hear you but then I wonder if I shoudn't give it a try, soon I will hit the big 4 so midlifecrisis oblige afterwards I might be too old for it.:p
    nanaz may I ask why you sold yours?
    karenab It were actually your pics that made me think about it (search is off so I don't remember where you posted it) especially the one with you all dressed in black.:heart:

    Ohhhhhh this is hard .

    OK either this or the sahara RH, checking pics again I think I prefer this color without the SGH....or the Prada gauffre phhhhh
  8. ^^Cat i sold mine because i wasn't using it as often as i should have. I had only used it max 5 times. I am very careful and anal with my bags and it was not doing any good for me by sitting in my closet. It was so pretty that i was affraid to ruin it. Nothing against the color or the GH. It was a hard decision to make but i am glad it went to a nice and happy home.:yes:
  9. Cat! I just bumped my violet CP thread for you which has a recent pic of it for you!
  11. As much as I've tried to get into GGH, I just can't, because I am so not a gold person. I love sandstone, and would love a sandstone in SGH, but they don't make them :sad:.

    It's a matter of personal preference though, if you like it, you should go for it!
  12. I never was a gh fan until I got an aqua gh hobo and found that it doesn't have to be overly blingy. I think that sandstone w/ggh would be an amazing combo, but you definitely need to go with your gut.
  13. Here is my opinion: If you don't like it don't force it. I can't make myself love GGH. It clashes with my white gold and platinum and it's just too blingy for me personally. I've seen bags that I love it on. I've tried bags that I love with GGH but when I put them on, they just aren't for me. I stopped trying. I deal with GSH but even that doesn't thrill me like rh does. I guess in bbags I like the leather, color and style to stand out and not bling.
    I have a Prada Gauffre and it's a gorgeous bag. I got it in December and I adore it. It's beautifully crafted, great leather, just a lovely bag.
    Bottom line, get what you love, you are the one that is going to wear it. That's my input on this. I personally can't force myself to love a bag.
  14. Sandstone or Naturel Work GGH are my favorites!!! I saw the Sahara and am not too crazy about it... it is all about what you want, but I would totally get the Sandstone GGH!!! Let us know what you decide to do...
  15. Well said :tup: At the end of the day, you can't convince yourself to love something. You just will or will not.