Really spectacular sandstone Work PICS!

  1. Remember before the new colors hit the store how we all thought sandstone would have more pink, more of a putty color. Well Daphne called my Mom today and told her she found a sandstone Work that was very different than all the others, had no green/khaki and the leather was fabulous. She put it on hold for me and I decided I don't want it because it has no shoulder strap and I want more Hobos, Twiggys and a Parttime. These pictures aren't the greatest and they never are from Balenciaga. It's cloudy today so she couldn't take better pics outside.
    So if anyone is looking for a really different pink toned sandstone, here are the pics. The one on the right is a City she put beside it to show how very different it is. I don't think the pics are that great but I am taking her word for it. Here is the email she sent:

    You told me to send you beautiful bags....Well,
    this is an amazing Sandstone Work, it almost has a pink undertone. The leather is good and the color is AMAZING!! I tried to photograph it with a
    Sandstone City to show you how different from the others this one is.... Iknow its not a size you usually do, but this is an exceptional bag. What do you think?


    She also said that the anthracite parttimes have very different leather and color than the others. Less blue, more steel gray and the leather is very smooth and less distressed.
  2. Thank you for the pix ;) .. very nice of you as always
    BTW, do you have a pix of GH HOBO sandstone ??
  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the 1st pic!! I wish the Work had a shoulder strap.

    Can you ask Daphne to please appeal to TPTB (the powers that be) to add a shoulder strap to the Work? She's such a good SA...maybe she'll go that extra mile. ;)
  4. aw... daphne is so sweet.
    thanks for posting this, powder :smile:
  5. thanks for posting, it looks so different to the pics of sandstone I have seen - its really pretty!
  6. Awww...this is pretty! I called them about the Work last week but I just decided to really wait for the Weekender.

    I hope my Weekender is like that color.
  7. Pretty. I like sandstone. It's a great color.
  8. I really want a sandstone first.

    PowderPuff - didn't you keep a sandstone that Daphne sent you? A sandstone city I think it was.. or am I thinking of someone else??
  9. very pretty sandstone!
  10. what a difference between the two. someone should grab it, the leather on that work is gorgeous! thanks for posting.
  11. Wow...i like ur sandstone work....the leather looks smooshy.....thanks again as i love to see pics.....:love: :love:
  12. thks for postinggg...they look really different and i like its pink understone :drool:
  13. Lovely color! The leather on the City looks amazing!!
  14. Yes, I did. My Mom is looking for a partime and so am I. Daphne knows that we are both fussy and tell her to look for specatcular bags regardless of color. She found that bag and emailed the picture even though it wasn't a style that either of us had inquired about.
    One thing I like about Daphne is that she looks for incredible bags. Bags that are special and beautiful. Many times she has said to wait that she doesn't see anything fabulous.
    Since Bbags vary so much in color and leather, I want specatcular bags and she is fabulous at finding them. Not once has she disappointed, plus she's sweet and patient. :yes:
  15. OMG! So has this fabulous WORK been sold? I would really love purhcase this bag from Bal NY if it hasn't sold...I'm on the waitlist for the Weekender but I don't think I can wait any longer for Sandstone.

    Hmm, I've always wanted to work with Daphne but has since worked with another SA. Perhaps I can pull a switch-my-SA-for-a-more-fabulous-SA.