Really silly question, about year of Paddy

  1. I bought a Muscade paddy from NAP 2 weeks ago (tody actually, don't know how I managed without her :yahoo:

    So I'm guessing that she is a 2007 Paddy but how do you all know for sure which year all of ur bags are??? Is it because of the colour or is it written somewhere???

    Just curious.....:idea:
  2. It's my understanding that you can determine the year from the serial number that is sewn into the lining. If it has "06" in the serial number, then it was part of the 2006 season.
  3. Yep I think if you check the date code you can tell, the second two digits denote the year (as far as I'm aware) e.g 03-06-53 = made in 2006
    (or 0207345272 = made in 2007).
  4. Yup just like everyone said check your serial code. Also on the tag that came with it it will say at the top something like 6E etc which will be the Year and the season it came from