Really Serious

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  1. Ok I am dead serious here ..
    i am hunting for a chanel reissue bag in the 226 or 227 size in the grey color. If you find one plz let me know ........ my money is ready and i am really on edge cuz i cant find it in london :sad:
  2. Try calling a Chanel boutique in the states, they can check the inventories of the other boutiques on the computer. You can also try calling NM, Saks, or other dept stores to see if they still have them in stock. Hopefully you dont have too much of a problem finding one :biggrin: Good luck!
  3. thanks .. i think i might cry if i dont find one :sad:
  4. Hi Sweetie!

    I will check for you in Bahrain but I doubt the sell any here. Have you tried calling the Chanel store in Haag, Holland? They have shipped a bag to me before and are very nice. I would also call the store in Dubai and ask if they could send it to you or your family. Hope you will find it as it is a gorgeous bag:love: :P
  5. I know that there's not a single 226 grey reissue available in any of the US boutiques. It's possible there's still a 227 somewhere, but who knows. Last time I asked was 2-3 wks ago. Goodluck!
  6. Just saw on in NM in Westchester Mall yesterday.
  7. if you get desperate, personalshoppers on ebay still has one i believe.
  8. isnt hers black????
    it was sold yesturday i think ...
    thansk everyone!! still hunting!! :smile:
  9. I just bought the 227 in grey yesterday from saks maryland and if you call them ask for John and he will get you one. go to saks website they have a stores locator section and there is only one in maryland. tell him loren sent you.
  10. thank u sooooooo much :biggrin:
  11. If you are in London, why don't you call Chanel in Paris? Or any Chanel in Italy like Milan? I am quite sure Chanel Paris can definitely help! Their nos.: +33 (1) 5535-5000 or (1) 4723-7412. Good luck.
  12. I've posted this before, but at Neiman Marcus in Plano, Texas they had the med and large in grey and black just 2 weeks ago.
  13. his angel .. waiting 4 updates =)
  14. contacting the new york shop :smile: they found one
  15. Hooray!!!