Really scary fake Carly sighting at the Coach store

  1. It's kind of funny when you walk down Michigan Ave in Chicago as every possible designer you can think of is represented somewhere. Its kind of amazing I have seen more fakes here then I normally see in other major cities.

    Anyway I was making a purchase in the coach store and a woman walked by with a patchwork Carly. It was tons of bright patchwork...really bright and loud. The SA who was helping me noticed the same time I did and I polietly said "Did Coach ever make that bag?" She said that Coach would never make anything so tacky. It really was bright and...just too much. She then said it always surprises her when folks walk into teh store with bags that are such blatant fakes...
  2. I saw a fake at the coach store today as well. It was being worn by a teen so.. yeah.. may not have known or may not have the cash for a real one...

    But other than that I saw 3 fake carlys today.. one was "optic" Signature :yucky:
  3. I hate fakes and especially when they are in my city...Chicago.
  4. I've seen people shopping at the outlets with fakes! I'm thinking to myself, 'you are in the right place, buy a bag!!!!' Then I wonder if maybe they don't know they're bag is fake & then I feel sorry for them!
  5. What bothers me soooo much is when people say it's real and go through the whole "this is why it is real" explanation by showing you the Coach stamp on the inside and all that kind of stuff!
    But when people say "Yea it's fake"and they laugh about it:shrugs:, doesn't bother me so much b/c they are not trying to pass it off as a real bag.
  6. did coach make a scarf print carly? i saw this on a girl and thought it was cute but maybe is fake?
  7. I once saw a grey background with navy blue "g" carly (garly) at the mall. It was frightening
  8. Ooh yess, I see a lot of girls my age carrying around fake Carly's. Espically at school. :blah:
  9. I had a girl in line- well older probably late 20's and I said I like your bag where did you get it? It was a LV Vavin tote (knockoff, but I always say that Ilike it so I can see if they actually admit it's fake)

    She's says very quietly... "It's a knockoff, I got it from the lady who is in jail now" (See my thread on the local lady who got arrested for her purse parties)

    I'm like of yes I heard about that, I thought it was pretty funny.

    Then I hadan older woman with a real chocolate gallery tote. And I said Ohh I love your Coach bag, she's like yeah and I didn't get it from the lady who's in jail now!

    I thought that was funny.
  10. Gah.. every time I see a fake, I can't help but stare :smile:

    One time at the mall I saw a Goach Carly... in the optical signature print? It looked awful!!
  11. I once saw a fake Signature Stripe reversable tote that had the normal outer print on one half, and the inside print on the other half. No reversing necessary, just simply switch which side is facing out! Very scary
  12. I hate walking through the mall and seeing those purse stands with the imitation purses! It's so easy to spot a bad fake Coach because the logo has a G instead of a C so it says Goach!
  13. she'd be shocked when people try to return or exchange fakes they've gotten as gifts.

    happened three times day after christmas
  14. my coworker bought a fake bag from one of those purse parties and brings it to work daily. She invited me to one of those parties bc i love purses. i told her i only buy authentic purses, no fakes. since then, she's been not as friendly and i think i may have offended her. but i was being honest!
  15. I used to work at Coach and you would be amazed at how many people actually come in with fake bags and we have had people try to return them. So disgusting. :tdown: