Really sad

  1. :crybaby:

    I won an ebay auction on September 11 from a recommended seller. She shipped the item within that week. I e-mailed her a couple days ago and asked when she sent the item, and she said it should've arrived at my area on the 22nd (which is a Friday). I haven't received ANY notification about it being sent; I e-mail her and tell her that I haven't gotten the package yet. What concerns me is that there are other people who won items from her on the same day my auction ended, and they already received their items.

    I later find out that she used DHL and I get the tracking number. Everything I've tried (online, phone, etc), and the tracking # doesn't work/doesn't show up on their system. With further research I find that DHL is notorious for having bad service, and that packages getting lost isn't a new thing.

    I feel terrible, sad, and confused. I already msg'd her saying that I can't use the tracking number she gave me, and I asked her how I should go about getting a refund (since I insured the package anyway). I know it's out of her control, but I can't help but feel really frustrated. And the worse thing is, is that the purse wasn't even for me, but for my mother. I wanted to give her this bag (a Louis Vuitton) for Christmas, but I guess it's a lost cause now. I don't have a lot of money because I'm a college grad, and I was really hoping to do something special.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing my rant.
  2. I hope it materializes. DHL lost a couple of Ann Taylor shipments of mine back during the winter clearance sale. Needless to say the items were sold out and even though I got my money back, I REALLY wanted the items I ordered. Cross your fingers. Miracles can still happen.
  3. I'm so sorry! Did you ask her again for the tracking number? Sometimes people leave a number off, and if that happens, you can't track the package. I do a lot of shipping, international mostly, and that happens frequently. There should be (10) numbers for DHL.
  4. Good news! I just got the message that she was able to locate the package. She is sooooo nice; I feel really bad for her doing this for me. Regardless, I was able to obtain the package, and I will definitely leave her positive feedback. So, now my problem is solved. Thank God! :yahoo: Thank you for your replies and concerns, bbagbubba and Prada Psycho.
  5. I love a happy ending!
  6. I avoid DHL at any costs.