really sad....

  1. I still can't find my black camo bella bella... I'm so obsessed that I check shoptokidoki LJ and eBay every day, usually a few times a day! It's making me really sad that I can't find one..... There's a bella on eBay, but it's too small for me.... :sad:
  2. Omg!! AWESOME!! :yahoo:
  3. i hope you get it this time!!
  4. you'll find one soon! good things come to those who wait!
  5. haha me too! goodluck!!
  6. nope, i'm not really into bellas, but i'm curious as to why u asked :yes:
  7. I think she was directing the comment towards hyper_ballad...
  8. Ackcsduroiduioewrewj!! Thank you SO much, sometimes!
    It's perfect! Weird the way the eBay seller says make sure to get insurance on your bags though.. like she expects something to go wrong :sweatdrop:

    This is awesome! Maybe I'll (or technically my boyfriend.. it's for my birthday, I'm not spoiled, sadly lol) even get a good deal on this! Thank yoooouuu!!!!

    Sorry for all the exclamations.. I'm very excited and happy now.:smile:
  9. The seller is probably recommending insurance as a precaution. I usually say something similar in my listings because I don't want to be held responsible if the buyer doesn't take insurance and then something does happen. You never know what might happen when the USPS is involved.

    Good luck on bidding. I hope your BF wins!

  10. oops :push:
  11. Exactly. Also, I've heard many times that insurance protects the seller more often than the buyer. Sometimes you'll get a buyer who insists they never received the item, even if they did because you can track the package and see that someone with their name signed for it. Not everyone does that, obviously, but you never know when someone will :push:
  12. Well, I don't know what now, you guys..
    This morning I found out my boyfriend cheated on me, and I can't really afford to get it for myself even as a God-Life-SUCKS-present (I just moved and am paying rent/my own living expenses for the first time..and just started working after a month of no work!). I've never been cheated on before this and the pain is worse than even Tokidoki can help lessen....... I don't even feel I owe it to myself because I must be a horrible person if he didn't love me enough not to mess around behind my back and then lie to me when I confronted him about it............