really sad...doctors dont know whats going on

  1. Hey guys...
    Needed to get this off my chest..
    I started to get this rash..and it spread from my inner thighs to my torso, my chest and my arms..Started on a monday, and by friday it had spread to my arms and chest/neck..So on friday morning, I do to the dr. She looks at me like I have 3 heads and gives me antibiotic and runs a blood test for lymes that comes back friday night, i start feeling like my throat is closing..go to the hospital (so aggravating!!)...anyway they send me home 6 hours later with predniosone because they think its a viral infection and should go away on its on..
    fast forward to the following wed and im still not better..go to this dr who is HIGHLY recommended and she insists is an allergy..puts me on IV and gives me a rx for steriods for 6 forward to today...the steriods stopped on tuesday and althought the rash on my inner legs is gone..there isnt much chest which used to be spotty and red is now all red..but rough and it looks like its peeling?(healing?)
    Yesterday I developed a low grade fever and mild sore throat (more annoying than painful and only annoying in the morning and at night)..took some chorlaceptic for my throat (only needed one spay) and i feel better..
    Now im worried that this fever may be related to the rash..but its been about 3 weeks since the rash started..
    I know the steriods greatly compromise your immune system so this fever may not be related...
    I'm nerous and upset... 3 doctors, 3 different going back to the dr on Monday..just makes me sad:sad:
    I keep researching online and ive come up with the harmless (skin condition that goes away on its own.. to rocky mountain spotted fever--i have two dogs, ticks are not unheard of)..

    sorry to rant...i cant want this all figured out:throwup:
  2. oh wow! I'm so sorry you're dealing w/ this :sad:
    What types of Docs are you seeing? Any specialists?
  3. I saw a reg doctor, then when to the er and saw a dr there...and then to a dermatologist/family dr
    the internet is just making me parnoid but i cant help myself..nobody knows!
  4. This is just awful. Are you taking any meds that end in "pril"?
  5. Sorry you are worried, I know it is tempting to try to self diagnose on the 'net but really it can be a bad idea as simple symptoms can also be those of a serious illness, so you worry unneccessarily - you know a pain in the arm & chest can be a heart attack or a simple pulled muscle, we always think of the worst!
    The rash that you had particularly with the throat closing sounds very much to me exactly like an allergic reaction that my son had a few years ago.
    He first developed the rash, went to doctor got steroids which calmed it but the next day it came back with a vengeance. His throat was closing & I remember breaking all speed limits to get him to A&E. he was gasping & I swear I thought he would die in the car! He was so bad that when we arrived we were ushered straight through & I remember a group of doctors & nurses at the desk just scattering into immediate action. It was an allergic reaction but we never found out to what! He does have animals also & one had died which he buried, maybe it was that we will never know. After that I started to carry an Anapen all the time, this might be a good idea for you as allergic reactions can worsen every time! try if you can to think back to what you did or ate that was different.
    Some months later we were on holidays & he ate some fresh honey & the spots started but there was no great reaction & he was fine. However, I don't have honey in the house anymore!
    I think you have had an allergic reaction & the fever at present is probably a flu virus, lots going around, & totally unrelated. However, check back with your doctor if you are not content.
    Please don't worry that aggravates any illness. I hope this puts your mind at ease somewhat :smile:
  6. ^I think it sounds allergy related too. . .
    Have you seen an Allergist?
  7. You should see an allergist, if you felt your throat closing up! Sounds like a moderately bad allergic reaction... have you eaten something different lately? Seafood, chocolate, etc?
  8. what exactly did the rash look like when it first appeared? Like round, raised, flat, blotchy, red, etc.?

    Also, along with all of that, have you felt like you had a mild case of the flu at all?
  9. ^ I know what (((PK))) is getting at; have you had any muscle problems?

    The throat closing sounds like an allergic reaction, but the fact that the rash spread after all those steroids is a bit strange.
  10. Sounds like allergic eczema to me. Ask you docs if steroid cream and an oral antihistimine may help if they can't find anything else. Good luck.
  11. I am so sorry for you. I can't imagine being sick and not getting the correct medical help either.

    If I were to guess, I wouldn't rule out Lymes disease. I know they tested you once, but it can takes months to show up. (Not much help to you now, I know.) Lymes can do the weirdest things to people and so many of the symptoms don't appear as the ones listed on the internet.

    My other guess would be an allergic reaction to something.

    Good luck to you and I wish you a fast recovery!
  12. I am sorry to hear this ..
    So many strange things happen...that sometimes we never get answers for
    Did you realize when you were having these symptoms that you got overly excited or scared, well I went back and read what you said.. and it seems you were very nervous and upset, sometimes anxiety and nervousness causes you to feel like your throat is closing... i experience that..
    I think someone else said it, but be weary of the internet, it is a vauluable tool in some cases, but in others it can drive you over the edge...
    I was going through something and every symptom I had were symptoms of 4 different illnesses (sp)...
    Just insists that all doctors check you out fully,and dont take no for an answer and if you are still uncertain go somewhere else,sometimes if they can not physically find out whats wrong with you, they will make you feel like you are making it my experience anyway...
    We know when we are sick and are not feeling well, I always know when my body is off...
  13. Did your physicians rule out shingles right away?? Did the rash appear initially more on one side of your body than another?
    I'm sorry you are going through this!
  14. Wow, sorry you're going through this. First thing I thought was allergies too. If these Docs can't figure out what's wrong I would change docs after awhile. It took 3 docs before I was was diagnosed with PCOS.

    Hugs to you.
  15. That kind of sounds like the Scarlet Fever I had when I was younger. Did they do a strep test?