Really sad but eye opening article from Sundays NYT's magazine about animal shelters

  1. This article made me cry 1000 times over but its really just eye opening we all know shelters can be awful but my o my i dont think i knew quite how bad it was

    Here is one quote from it i found SICKENING:

    "about four million dogs enter shelters nationwide each year. Some two million of them end up being euthanized, about 5,000 dogs each day, one every 16 seconds."

    and another:

    "According to nationwide surveys, as many as 25 percent of the dogs who end up in shelters are purebreds: Boston terriers, border collies, Pomeranians, standard poodles and so on, the sorts of dogs that people pay thousands of dollars to obtain. And yet they are discarded for the same dizzying array of reasons the mongrels are, ranging from the truly fraught to the downright frivolous."

  2. OMGoodness!! Staggering numbers. Makes me want to make the space and time to open up my home to save more! But, I can only save 1. Seems so insignificant. That is a real reality check!
  3. Hey 1 from everyone would make a huge difference!!!!

    I wish i was loaded and could jsut buy a house and hire mad people to take care of my 1000000 cats and dogs :smile: and save them all! :sad:

    it makes me so sad i cant take in a bunch :sad:
  4. I can't bare to read things like that, anything that has to do with animals and they being hurt or killed makes me so upset..... i try my best to adopt my animals now, i have 2 out of 3 cats adopted from the pound.... but i wish i could adopt more and help them out!
  5. This is a really sad reality. I live in NYC and when I rescued my kitty I found out that 80% of animals in NYC are euthanized the same day they enter the shelter. :sad:
  6. Staggering. This is why I always urge people to adopt from shelters rather than pet stores (don't even get me started on puppy mills!) - the thought of all those wonderful animals being euthanized day after day... :cry:
    Our two helter boys are the best dogs - I wish could take them all home!