really really uncomfortable about a buyer on my 1600 bag!

I had an auction for a BIN bag that was 1600. One bidder asked me to let her bid, but since her feedback was private she couldn't. I asked her to make it visible and when I checked it, she had negatives for being a thief and accusing ppl of selling fake merchandise that wasn't. SO I did not remove the block from her.

In that time span, someone else bought and paid for my bag. Only had 1 previous feedback, but it was for selling a Gucci bag, so I figured it must be ok. Shipped it, saw someone signed for it in her name and then e-mailed her asking for feedback. She writes me back that it was shipped to her parents house and she lives 6 hrs away (i shipped to the paypal confirmed).

Her address was a weird thing too- it shows up one way in paypal, and when i went to do the online shipping, the town and address were different....she told me california had changed the town and address. But it DOES show up in paypal as confirmed so I did it.

Anyways, i was bored and browsing ebay today, decided to see if she had bid on any other bags and left feedback yet. Well she did, I clicked on it and the seller of the other bag was the woman who I wouldn't let bid on my stuff. Then I got a funny feeling....I checked paypal to see her e-mail address (the woman who won my election and paid). It was the same as that ebay ID I wouldn't let bid.

So she has 2 accounts? Since I wouldn't let her bid with one name she used another? AND she bids to bump her own auctions?

Freaking out a little since 1,600 is a lot of money for me that I already spent on my tuition...KNOWING I sold an authentic bag, used zip ties that she must cut off or no returns, etc.

Should I e-mail her asking if she has two IDs? Asking why she bid after I asked her to? Ask her to drive the damn 6 hours to her parents to get the bag so I can stop worrying? I had bought it on ebay so I had no receipt to prove anything (although I did buy it from another tPF member)


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Jul 15, 2007
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Its probably the same lady. She probably uses the other account to shill bid her own items. I would suggest withdrawing all of your money from your paypal account and closing it as soon as possible. This way she cannot do a chargeback or anything. Next time, don't like a low feedback buyer purchase something this expensive.


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Jul 15, 2007
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You should have refunded her immediately then. Close it out. You will have to use a new bank account and credit card if you want to open another on in the future. A small price to pay IMHO to protect yourself against a $1600 chargeback.


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May 7, 2006
Contact ebay and paypal with the 2 account info and link to feedback. Let them work it out. If you have your checking account linked to paypal remove it or close that account asap. You shouldn't have to close your paypal account. What a sheisty/ shady gal that is! I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with it at all. Could you post the buyers accts or pm me so that I can block her?
thanks xIcyBluex

-if I delete my cards from there now, can I reuse them later on a new account?

Ugh won't let me delete my account, says I have a pending transaction to transfer funds to my account and it should be complete in 4 days...I haven't sold anything! I do have a complaint open however for not receiving MY items...maybe that is what it is talknig about.


Oct 9, 2006
Good luck. Just wait it out and see what happens. Don't instigate her to do something obnoxious. If you have withdrawn all money, you should be safe.


Nov 13, 2006
If you've withdrawn your money and she does a credit card chargeback, paypal can make your account negative & will send it to collections if you don't pay, ruining your credit.

At this point, I'd just wait and see. I would hold on to all of the emails, etc. that you've exchanged and hope for the best. Good luck!
Mar 13, 2006
WOW! So sorry this happened to you!!! I really hope she doesn't do a chargeback or something stupid like that. I honestly don't think that you sent the bag to her parents. Maybe she doesn't want to leave any feedback because she's plotting something (UNFORTUNATELY!!)? I would go to Ebay and report her for shill bidding and having two accounts (I'm not really sure but I don't think you can have two accounts). Maybe they will suspend her account(s)? But, please, don't go directly to her. People can be crazy like you wouldn't believe it! Good luck, hun!

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Apr 20, 2007
Yes you can use the credit cards on anther account.
What a wack job, so sorry this happened to you. These people are the ones that are ruining eBay.


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Feb 25, 2006
i would hold off and wait for her to get back to you. Hopefully it will all be ok, from time to time people just have bad experiences on ebay so their feedback looks bad but its only because she is new and it messed up.

Try not to freak out just yet, paypal is very sensitive and will see you closing your account as being suspicious. I've been through the same thing and lost the bag and the money, which totally sucked!

let us know how it goes!


Jan 5, 2006
I agree with everyone, don't contact her again. Wait until you hear from here and then take it from there (if she starts something, you can confront her with the two ebay accounts and the shill bidding. Save your ammo till you need it :flowers:)