Really, really frustrated by my (lack of a) strap

  1. I think a lot of people are in my situation, and I just wanted to vent.

    I ordered a strap through Catalina on January 11th, and my card was charged immediately. Catalina told me that it would be shipped within two weeks. Well, of course, it's been about a month and still no strap! I emailed Catalina to ask about it, and no response.

    ARRRG! This frustrates me so much. To boot, I bought the strap for the clutch I bought, and I can't use the clutch without the strap. The lack of communication is also really aggravating.

    Sorry for the rant, just had to get it off my chest.
  2. I think there were alot of people who ordered straps in early December that have not received them yet =/
  3. I suggest you email the head honcho, and go from there. She is really cool, and will do her best to make you happy.
  4. I just received an email from Catalina tonite. She said that she will let us know the status sometime on Monday. She know many of us are waiting. Will post any response on Monday.
  5. I heard from Catalina today. This is what she said:

    I know, I apologize. I never handled any strap orders, until then, and then we stopped as there were no images to go with, etc. These are going to be shipped this week! Thank you so much for your patience. Right when I see it went out I will let you know!

    Starting for Spring 08 all available straps will be on our accessories page so there is no room for error.

  6. Where did you guys order the straps? If I could get one for my matinee, Id be really happy
  7. What straps are available for order. I looked on the site but couldn't find any??? Thanks, I have a MAM...Blackleather...
  8. We ordered the straps through Catalina. However she is no longer taking orders. She said they will be put up on the website with the Spring 08 collection, but are not there yet. So if you want one you pretty much just have to keep checking for them to be posted on the RM site.
  9. No strap for me. I told Catalina , very very nicely, that she needs to ship my strap overnight or express when it is ready or she needs to credit my card and cancel my order. After 8 weeks of waiting, I do not want to wait for Ground shipment.

    SHE HAS CHOSEN TO CANCEL MY ORDER. So, 8 weeks of waiting while they had already ran my card and no strap for me. can probably imagine how upset I am with this situation.
  10. It took about 8 weeks for my strap to arrive too. The initial order took place in mid October and I received the strap in mid December. I was patient b/c I was told that the straps were actually made / taken from another line of handbags (not sure which). During that time RM was having the sample sale, the staff was swamped with orders. I got a little antsy while waiting and I mentioned something about my 8 week wait on TPF and Rebecca herself emailed me to appologize, she even offered me a 'gift'. I think the RM staff do their best to process the orders as quickly as possible...for those of you who are waiting for a strap, be patient. It will come...believe me I was playing the waiting game too. You'll love the strap once it arrives.
  11. Do you have any pics of the strap on your bag? I would love to see.

  12. Oh no! I'm sorry.:sad:

  13. Okay, here's my two cents. I ordered back with early December bunch. Told to choose from 27" short strap or the longer one. I chose the shorter one. I received a tracking number but still in wait! I was told in two weeks, no problem. Today I'm told that the short strap everyone is ordering is 14" hobo strap. Now am I the only one here confused? :nogood: I know it's not Catalina's fault but who is running the ship? She should have offered at the very least 3-day shipping. I would really like to see a picture of the hobo short strap pretty please. :shrugs:
  14. I think what frustrates me most is the lack of communication. This is not the first time that I've tried to email Catalina and have not gotten a prompt response, or any response at all. I know she's only one person, but if that's the case they should hire another person to help her out. Also, she said 2 weeks, and now it's been a month, and I had to initiate contact to figure out what's going on - she should have been on top of things and emailed me when she realized that two weeks wasn't going to cut it.
  15. I don't have any pictures of my strap but its actually the strap off of the Elisha handbag; here's a link to one.;jsessionid=HyzMkEKboV8jd2Gkyjt08k5BWjjus2t1OykJzyrjrzxYBocST3t6!-1756299949!!7005!8005?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=2079551675&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2056196515&cm_ite=2135149&cm_cat=handbags&cm_ven=Froogle&CatID=Froogle&referer=p_froogle