really 'real' fakes.... or just untrained newbie eyes?

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  1. hi ladies!

    i'm relatively new to tpf but i've learnt so much from you ladies in the short time i've been here. :heart: you ladies and tpf!

    anyway, i've been tempted into buying a damier speedy 25. :p i've got my heart set on it already and will be going down to the boutique to pick it up one day.

    however, out of curiosity, i ran a search for "damier speedy" on Singapore yahoo auctions to have a feel of the extent to which damier speedy fakes are available in singapore (cos i'm from singapore!:smile:). to my jaw-dropping horror, i found the following "grade AAA+ replicas" :wtf::

    Damier speedy 30

    damier speedy 25

    is it just my untrained newbie eyes, or do the above fakes look -almost- exactly like the real thing? please please tell me it's just me.... it's distressing enough to have fakes around, and it's worse when the fakes look like the real thing..

    by the way, this one's just for laughs........:roflmfao:
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head here, that's the thing they almost look like the real thing but aren't. I wouldn't even give them the time of day, just enjoy your genuiine article!
  3. PLEASE post in the correct section.. there is a thread just for this ..

  4. Yes, please post questions in the above referenced thread, in addition, we actually have a thread specifically to post horrific fakes in as well.
    Please only post these comments in those threads.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.