Really random thought about


    For those of you who've been to the US site, (I'm not sure if it's on the other countries') in the opening image of the man in the car, doesn't the shadowing make it look like blood is dripping down his forehead? I mean, the picture already looks like it was taken out of an assassination waiting to happen scene in a movie, of some political figure or kind of freaks me out every time I go to the site. I also thought it was kind of funny

    Am I crazy?! :sweatdrop:

    I know this post is completely irrelevant to anything so mods, feel free to take it down, I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking what I was thinking. I'm also
  2. No, its not irrevelent it is on the LV site so that does makes it relevent. But Inever noticed the "BLOOD", now that you bring it up, yes it does look like blood on his head.:upsidedown:
  3. LOL I noticed it too and totally agree with what you said about it looking like an assassination waiting to happen :lol:
  4. That is Mikhail Gorbachev and the red thing is a birth mark, lol
  5. LOL. That's what I thought, too. Am I that old or is he just not known?
  6. hahaha I was totally thinking the other day that the picture was so creepy! lol
  7. yuppers!!!:tup:
  8. Agreed!!!
  9. Lol, I thought the same too.
  10. hahahaha ok I feel really stupid now, lol
    I had known that LV was using some "important" faces for its campaign but I didn't know that gorbachev was one of them!

    I just did some research on him though, and that birthmark is really freaky!

  11. Wow what an article. As soon as I saw the ad the first time I knew who it was because of his birthmark, it's the only way I recognize him. I don't thin is freaky, Kinda cute... :shame:
  12. I know! I was about to say the same thing! LOL. and yeah, am I that old that most ppl don't know who he is??? EEK
  13. I am only 29 but I knew who he was instantly. His birthmark is almost more famous that he is IMO. LOL!
  14. :yes:...yep... old president of russia.