Really Random: Miroir

  1. I had a french final today and we had to list household items and for the life of me I couldn't name any more until I thought of......


    Hahah LV saves the day (stylishly at FIT no less :P ).
  2. hahahah! that's adorable!!! i hope ya do well for your final (; then perhaps a little lv treat for yourself? afterall lv contributed to your results!
  3. lol that's cute!
  4. lol that is cute...and I agree with milodrinker - an LV treat is definitely in order!
  5. Good for you! That's cute! :upsidedown:
  6. That is cute.
  7. LOL! Something useful has come out of those aluminum foil bags after all! *snicker*
  8. lol thats okay, i wrote a paper and i typed the word LOVE but spelled it LVOE like the new LV stuff for 07 S/S

    lol im soo jumpin the gun! lol
  9. That's great!

    Anything I know about French, I learned from LV (papillon, pochette, etc.) :yes:
  10. I took French and it helped me understand LV sooo much better
  11. LOL, see and the said time on tPF is a waste ;)
  12. LOL go LV!! :smile:
  13. lol!!
  14. :roflmfao: That was a cute story!
  15. I also took french, and it helps me with the pronounciation of alot of the LV items haha, and that is sooo cute! i personally think you should be able to treat yourself to a little something huh?