Really Pissed off !!!! OMG

  1. Hi all, Im so sorry my title is so awful, But Im so annoyed.
    I ordered a peice of clothing off eBay for my Holiday (Which I go on tomorrow) I bought them on the 1st and Paid that day too. they are still not here, I really wanted to wear them on holiday too and If Im not in they will probably get sent back to the sender.

    I e-mailed the seller a couple of days ago and she said she was late at sending them out and sent them out on the 6th. Now Im so angry about this, I paid straight away and they are still not here :sad: :crybaby:
  2. That is wrong...5 days to shop something out is unexcusable! Especially since the 1st was a Wednesday! I'd send em back too if they don't show up today!
  3. This sucks, do you still want them if you can't have them on your holiday?
    If not I'd probably ask for a refund. xx
  4. I do still want them but I did want them specially for holiday, its so annoying when you pay for something straight away and then they dont send it until they feel like :cursing:
  5. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I know there have been times that I was slower to ship something than I normally would have been due to life circumstances as life happens. However, I always email my buyer to let them know if there will be a short delay, which I think would have been courteous of your seller.
  6. Sometimes holdups with the post office are inevitable...sometimes obviously, the seller is late- but sometimes the post just seems to be slow. Once it is the mail, the delivery time is out of the seller's hands.....
    However, that's a LONG time to wait to ship. Even if I've been sick, I've had hubby run over to the post office for me. I hate to have anything sitting in my house that someone has paid for already....:cursing:
  7. I make sure I send within a day unless I get one of my dumb migraines. Sorry you arent getting your item. That stinks when your looking forward to something.
  8. How annoying. I try to make sure my items are sent out ASAP after the buyer pays, sometimes there are reasons why I can't, but I make sure I let the buyer know and if they paid for faster shipping (which virtually no one does), refund them the difference of what it cost to send it.
    Even before I went to Vegas I made sure I sent everything out and I was only going to be gone for 3 days (including a Sunday when nothing ships anyway).
  9. I think paypal sets the limit for sellers at 7 days.
  10. Yep, it's 7 days thru Paypal but I heard here at one point that eBay allows 30 days to ship! :wtf:
  11. I get ya I paid for something on Sunday and they just shipped it today, very irritating!
  12. Guys Im sooooo still annoyed about this, Im hoping they come tomorrow early before I go.
  13. Aww that sux! *Crossing my finger for you..
  14. I agree. I paid for something the 24th, Priority Mail, and got it Wed... this week...
  15. I used to ship items the same day they were paid for, but I have been having problems with peoples payment clearing. So now I wait.... I wait until payment clears. I sell HIGH end LV bags and I will NOT be ripped off again. Luckily Paypal caught the last issue, I was paid with a stolen cc! UGH!