Really pissed off...anyone dealt with echeck chargebacks?

  1. Ok So i'm totally pissed off...eBay and paypal has been running up my blood pressure lately.
    So after 2 bad sales of my used cingular phone i finally sold my phone to a bidder with 0 feedback. I was really doubtful at first that the person would even pay...i was thinking o man another nonpaying bidder. But he paid right away for the phone through paypal echeck, i've never dealt with echecks before so i just followed paypal's instructions to not ship anything until the check clears. Well 4 days later the check clears and i shipped out the phone with delivery confirmation to a confirmed address. Today, one 1/2 week after i shipped the item, i come home check my email and i have an email from paypal stating that they are holding my funds because there is a chargeback through the echeck. Ok wat!? There was no dispute or claim filed on the buyer's side or what is going on?!?!
    I would think that if the buyer is doing a chargeback he would have to open some sort of dispute or claim first. Also i wanna add that the buyer kept bugging me to ship the phone everyday since the day he won the auction...but i kept telling him i cant until his echeck clears. After that i never once heard from him again. I dont know if hes trying to pull something here, and he's going directly through his bank instead of through paypal because he knows he doesnt have a case.

    Anyone have any experience with this type of situation? HELP! Thanks!
  2. Too me it sounds like maybe he had a few checks out at the same time and so it cleared and then bounced. That is just my guess, I am not familiar with e-checks either. This whole situation is really fishy! Have you contacted paypal? That's what I would do asap! I don't think he is able to do a CB with out a dispute open so it has to be something with the bank. Whatever it is it sounds as if he knew what what was coming and that is why he tried to rush the shipping. I'm sorry. Call paypal!
  3. Call Paypal. Phone number is 1-888-221-1161.
  4. ^Thanks! I did call them rite now, they said that he went directly through his bank with the chargeback. But paypal said since i did everything correctly it should be in my favor. Lovely.
  5. WOW... never heard of a chargeback on a check. He must have claimed someone else "wrote" it.
  6. I no longer allow e-check, it is too unpredictable. let them use bank tranfer if they are not using a credit card, so it's a cash instant payment. chargebacks/cancelled e-checks are the EXACT reason scammers and those with buyers remore want to use e-check.
  7. Whooohooo!
    Good to know :nuts:

  8. If you w/draw the fund after it clears, it should be good rite?
  9. OMG. Echeck chargeback! :wtf::wtf: That's shocking!
  10. I withdraw my money out of pay pal about 5 seconds after the buyer makes the payment and it posts. so if they chargeback, pay pal is going to have to work very hard to squueze any money out of me, especially if it is for soem scammer with buyers remorse. so yes, you are far better off getting your money out of pay pal, becasue if the buyer charges back, pay pal will freeze the funds until there is a resolution.
  11. My sister sold my niece's Burberry blouse via BIN. The buyer paid immediately with instant transfer. The funds were there obviously so my sister shipped out the package. I actually took it to the PO for her and sent it first class since it was so tiny, but I did certified mail so she had to sign for it. Well, randomly my sister checked her feedback a couple of days later and she had SIX negs in the past few days all for reversing the payments. So, I knew she was going to reverse the payment on this. This was nearly $100. And, she already had the top.

    Yesterday morning my sister woke up to a lovely email from Paypal saying that the payment had been reversed and that her balance was in the negative. So, the scammer had her $100 back AND the Burberry top! My sister called and wasted two hours on the phone w/ both eBay and Paypal. In the end, they realized they were complete idiots. It was instant transfer so the funds were there immediately and so she shipped the top. Paypal gave my sister back the funds and I hope they go after this piece of work!

    I'd be careful now b/c it seems that these scammers are going directly to their banks. If my sister hadn't called, I bet Paypal would have let her do this. And, sadly the b*tch had already done it 6 times before that in the last couple of weeks. I mean don't they check people's accounts for this type of activity? She is now NARU on eBay, but wth????

  12. Sounds like the person that TRIED to do that to me. Was your buyer in the UK by any chance? If there was any reason for my being in the hospital to be a GOOD thing, then this was it. I was paid via echeck and it was reversed several days later the day after I got out of the hospital, and the day I was going to ship out the jacket. :wtf: Luckily I woke up to that nauseating email from paypal. I was the first to leave that thief negative feedback, but many followed after mine and she was finally NARUed. Luckily I only lost the money, but still had my item. I don't understand how these people sleep at night. Truly disgusting. :mad:
  13. So these people actually get away with the chargebacks on the echeck? Isn't that kind of stupid? I mean echeck is practically like instant transfer, so what do they say? Umm..i didnt authorize the transaction one week later?

    Ebay is getting ridiuclous! I cant believe people come up with this kinda crap.
  14. No she is from the US. I forget which state. Yes I don't get how people scam others, but clearly it happens every day. :tdown:

    I hope everything is ok (you mentioned the hospital) and I'm glad you didn't ship out the jacket yet! It stinks you have to relist, but at it's better than losing out on the money and the jacket!
  15. Ok, another thing not to accept- echecks.
    Did you put the buyer on the list we've got somewhere, people not to deal with?