really peeved right now (work rant)

  1. I started a new job a couple of months ago (transferred departments). There are three of us in the department: managaer, me and a temp in the vacant position.

    Yesterday she emailed me about Chritstmas arrangements. she said it was her "plan", (thus open for discussion) to take off December 21st up till Jan 4th inclusive. :s SO I thought, fine, I'd better put my 2 cents worth in. So this morning when she asked me, I said I didn't mind working through Christmas (even though I would have liked Christmas Eve off) but I'd like to take time off in the New Year instead.

    She said that might work :hrmm: (yeah, might) if they could recruit to the vacant post in time.she says that she always takes christmas and New Year off because of her kids. (She knows I have no kids). So I stated again, pleasantly that Deember was fine but I would a least like January. she said, yeah, December is "confirmed" but we'd confirm January later.

    So basically she wants to bogart 3 holiday weeks, and says we can discuss it, but won't listen to my requests. I'm also mad pissed that she seems to be pulling the family card (and it's not the first time she's made comments about children or the lack of.:cursing: ) She's also sidesteppign my hint that she's taking off all of the holiday.

    I dont want to make a big deal of things seeing as we work closely together but I need to nip this one in the bud.
  2. That seems unfair. Is there a higher-up manager you can speak with confidentially, who can advise to "please make sure that your employees get at least one holiday off"?
  3. ^ I totally agree, take it to your higher up for some advice.
  4. i would go to a higher manager and ask if they have any policeys for having christmas holidays.

    where i work full time employees can choose only 3 days off over christmas and they have a list to choose from. great for full timers but im part time so i work straight through christmas and new year but i get extra money for it.
  5. So your temp help is telling you when they will take off? Did I understand you correctly?
  6. ^^ umm, yeah I wondered this too. Last time I checked temps DON'T call the shots about anything, especially their time off.
  7. the temp will be here for another month or so, and we should have a permanant person by them. but she's saying *if* that person is around i can have January wich is BS IMO because she just doesn't want to change her own leave plans.

    I'lkl either broach thre subjecct again or have an informal chat with her superior. It's the fact that she's treating it as a fait accompli that is really annoying me. I'm supposed to just suck it up or something :hysteric:
  8. What does your boss say? I'll bet he (or SHE) sides with you. :biggrin: :tup:
  9. It's my boss who's doing this mess. But hopefully ther boss mill make her see sense i don't want to have to do it, but in the same vein she has to be made to comprimise
  10. where i work we only have 4 office employees so time off is first come first serve. i put in my time off for xmas/new years like 3 months ago because i figured i could always change my mind later and work certain days. it pays to think ahead!
  11. In our case there are only two permanent members of staff. it's not like we both want christmas eve off, for example. She want to take off all three weeks and inists that one person (guess who?) is around. Plus I only started this job 2 months ago- and she's had about 4 weeks off in that period whereas I've only had 6 days.
  12. yea i suppose in that case it would only be fair to split the time off. who needs 3 weeks off anyways???
  13. I think it's a bit too early to demand days off (I am assuming you're on 3 month probation). Though it does sound like your boss is taking advantage of her position. I would document every move she makes for the future, and pray your next boss is either a man or a woman with no kids.
  14. I'm new to the job, but not to the organisation therefore I'm not on probabtion. Moreover in the UK, particuarly the public sector there is a minimum amount of holiday that every employee gets (if you don't use it, you lose it, no pay :nogood:) . In all the years that I've been in the organisation holiday arrangements are discussed within the team so that while people who ask first get priority, nobody bogarts the whole holiday (unless others are prepared to work through). Typically, if you take Christmas Eve off, you don't get the New Year off and vice versa. I'm not demanding anything, I'd just like some fairness.

    Small update:
    I thought I'd have this resolved by last week. but she'staking next week off too. (she only mentioned it in passing to me - silly me, half term) anyhoo, if the opportunity presents itself I'll have a quick chat with her boss.
  15. HOnestly I think you should book somehting for the first week of January and pull it off as you've made a fiscal commitment and if you lose your funds its gooing to come out fo the company. Put her in a posiiotn like you cna't argue with her kids she cna't argue with money.